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Nokia Tablet Running MeeGo is a Reality, Here is The Video

Since Apple introduced the iPad, suddenly the market to tablet computers opened. Before that, tablets were just a gadget that a few geeks used, and not even that because I know many people that stopped using them after the first few days because they couldn’t find a good use for it (like me with the N810). What Apple did was really simple, throw the OS already used on the iPhone in a nice looking tablet and market it to exhaustion; putting it in many colorful ads (that plagued all the cities of the world because I am currently in a trip and all the cities I have been in are full of iPad ads) together with usage scenarios, cool ways of using it and of course magical words like ”magical.”

I have thought before about getting an iPad, but my problem with it is that the OS is just not powerful enough to replace my computer (and I am looking for something to replace my laptop, not a third device between my smartphone and my laptop because that is pointless, like the iPad, I mean, if I have to carry a bag anyway lets throw something that can do it all, not an iPad). Anyway, there are good news coming from Nokia!

Today a really cool video appeared in YouTube showing what MeeGo for tablets might look like, this is a really, really early pre-Alpha version that will be modified before it looks like the one we are going to receive in the form of a Nokia Tablet. Yes, there is a Nokia Tablet coming and it is likely to be announced in September at Nokia World, and it will hit the shelves hopefully by the first quarter of 2011 together with the N9 (although Nokia has said the MeeGo phone should be shipping before the year ends). Below is the video overview of MeeGo for tablets. I have to say that this is a real tablet with a real OS designed for tablet devices, and I think this tablet will have a full internet browser (Google Chromium) like MeeGo 1.0 for netbooks. I am excited!

Via: The Nokia Blog