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Nokia Speakers: MD-8 Nokia Speakers – Review

The Nokia Speakers MD-8 just landed! They are the cheapest Nokia speakers out there, but are they good enough to complement your Nokia 5800 or any other Nokia device? We had the opportunity to test the MD-8 Speakers, and here we bring you what we think.

How they work

The MD-8 speakers are compatible with all Nokia handsets that sport a 3.5mm Audio Jack (normal size, ex: N96, N79 etc..) and also the 2.5mm Audio Jack like in the E90 and E71. The MD-8 brings a 3.5mm to 2.5mm adapter that allows the user to connect the E71 to the speakers, the adapter is really small and practical, Nokia should have included that with the E71 by default. The speakers work with two AAA batteries but don’t think that is a bad idea, the batteries last surprisingly long and you won’t have to replace them in a long time. The cable is almost 15cm long and wraps around the speaker so well you won’t have knots in the cable for sure. The MD-8 has a swith on the top and a white light turns on, they are ready to work!


Do they sound good enough?

The MD-8 are very small, they fit in any pocket and are very portable. But the most important thing about a good set of speakers are the sound, the MD-8 are very powerful for their size, at the highest volume the music still sounds perfectly and does not distort. They are perfect for playing music in a room; almost anywhere as long of course there is no heavy noise coming from somewhere. 



The MD-8 are amazing, first, their price is just very reasonable, just $29us for them is more than OK. They are also very portable and practical. The sound is amazing and for music fans this is a  must have. Here is the lowest price I could find for them: MD-8 Portable Mini Speakers

Our score: 10/10

Bad: Nothing

Good: Price & Value, practical and overall good performance

Compatible with: Nokia E66, E71, E90, N86, N85, N96, 5800 all devices with 2.5mm or 3.5mm Audio Jack