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Nokia Software: Two Calculators – Download Scientific Calculator For Nokia Devices


A thing I love about my Nokia device is that by installing an application it instantly transforms in another thing. This time I was needing a scientific calculator with  SIN – COS – TAN  and other functions for a math class, and I was about to buy a cheap scientific calculator but I realized there could be an application that transforms my Nokia device into a scientific calculator. And after some browsing I found an excellent free calculator with scientific functions for my Nokia device.  This calculator is a: Scientific Calculator with SIN – COS – TAN -LOG – N!– LN  – X2 that can also display in radians.  And it  is also a Loan calculator that easily calculates: loan period, loan amount, interest rate etc.  This scientific calculator did everything I needed in my math class and best of all it is completely free to download. To download the scientific calculator for Nokia devices just follow this link: scientific-calculator

Well, now that we are talking about calculators there is another calculator I recommend. This calculator is not a scientific calculator, it is so simple it does not even calculate  square root.  This is a totally eye-candy calculator designed to do some quick calculations like spliting a bill on a restaurant, and do some other basic calculations really easily and quick.  This is a very useful app since almost everyday we have to calculate something, and this app does just that but in a very cool and effective way. To download this app just follow this link: Download

If you have a problem installing this apps just leave a comment!

Compatible With:

Nokia N86 8MP, Nokia N96, Nokia N95, Nokia N85, Nokia N82, Nokia N81, Nokia N79, Nokia N73 and all other 3rd Ed devices

Nokia E90, Nokia E71, Nokia E75, Nokia E55 and other Eseries devices

Nokia 5800, Nokia 5700, Nokia 5310, Nokia 6720, Nokia 6710, Nokia 6300, Nokia 6500, 5610 and others

  • http://www.nokiamobileblog.com john joseph

    i love this sound good,its off the hook.

  • Musa Khan

    Where’s the download link?? How do I download??

  • aman

    how to download this calc ????…………i really need it

  • Carlo

    Good app, but doesn’t work on my Nokia e55. The cause, I think, is the half-qwerty keyboard.

    • edward

      Ahh so bad…. on the other hand, you have an E55!!! I have been waiting for mine for a long time

  • Ahmad

    It is good

  • mohamed

    i wish inst. Calac.

  • Abguy

    I download it in a zip file which fail to open, please kind send the link in a jar format bcos my nokia 6300 only supported jar not zip… Pls help me

    • edward

      You can use your computer to then install the .jar that is inside.

  • yogesh


  • deepanshu

    whre s th link

  • wael

    hallo everybody PLZ can u tell me how to use this application ????
    I have downloaded it before but it dosent work in my mobile because it in a ZIP !!!!!
    what i should do?????
    my mobile nokia 5800 xp

  • ashish saini

    plllzzz let me can i run scientific calculator in my nokia 5800 mobile

  • John

    Ah! Thank you for posting this!| There have been a mass of contradictary
    information posted, this dispells, puts to rest
    most of what I’ve read.

  • Ashish Ranjan

    It Doesn’t work in Nokia 5800 xpress Music

  • http://www.hell.com Ed Wolsoff

    The scientific calculator will not run on a E90 communicator. When started it says ‘Error – This screen size (800, 284) is not supported! M!Dlet closing …’ and then closes the app.

  • clark

    Doesn´t work on a 5800. Screen size (360,240) not supported.

  • Cheserek

    where is the link.my 6300 lost calculator.

  • mohammed osman

    thanx man, it worked on my n95 and it is fantastic!

  • elten

    MiniMath Mobil calculator

    Definite Integral
    Approximations of Integral:
    Polynomial approximation:
    Iterations sequence :



  • Richa

    Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!………..i hav nokia 6303classic….i had this scientific calc inbuilt…but one day it vanished……thanks to this site 4 providing me with the calc once agn…..

    • David Sitompul

      I have the same problem. i have nokia 6303 classic. Can you teach me How to download. Thanks

  • prakash

    yaar expried certified error

  • ved

    it is not working on n97

  • maneesh

    m nt getting the applications

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  • Mirzaei

    Well Very Good

  • Mrs.Daya

    I’ve got a Nokia 6303, I tried downloading your application for scientific calculator and I was unable to do so. Could you please enlighten me as to the cuase?? Thanks and regards.
    Ms.Daya – India

  • Mrs.Daya

    I too have a Nokia-6303 classic and I would like to download the scientific calculator. I tried downloading the same but unable to do so. Kindly enlighten me. Thanks and regards. Daya

  • Anonymous

    I am unable to download the scientific calculator application onto my Nokia 6303 classic. Please enlighten me. Thanks and regards

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001965540411 Kristine Jean Bucog

    whoa, thanks!

  • Salam_sol96

    can i use this device for nokia 2690..?