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Nokia Software: SmartLight Keeps Your BackLight ON While You Need It


A thing I always disliked about Nokia devices is that the backlight went off while I was doing something important, this annoyed me and forced me to pre-set the backlight to go off in more time, but that usually drained my battery life faster. For example while I was showing pictures to family or friends the backlight always went off, or while I was reading a long email or SMS the backlight also went off, but it annoys me the most when I am reading some article on the internet and the backlight goes off. I kept pressing the buttons so the light did not go off, however, it always did. After getting tired of this problems I started to look for a solution,  and I did found one!  It does most of the job pretty well, basically it keeps the backlight ON while the applications are running. So for example if you use Skyfire and you frequently use it to watch videos this application will keep the light ON while the app is running, this app will also keep the backlight ON while reading E-Mails, SMS or any other task you normally do. Then when you close all the apps and let the device in the desktop mode, the back light will go automatically off after some time, it is smart! That is why it is called SmartLight. After I discovered this application I felt that my device was more intuitive and served me better, I absolutely love this app and I always install it on new devices. The bad part is that is not a freeware, it costs around $6us but it is totally worth it. You can check the app and compatibility with your device right here: SmartLight Automatic Backlight