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Nokia Software: Play The Piano on Your Nokia N97 or 5800

The utilities and functions of S60 devices are amazing, everyday you can install a new application or software to your  Nokia device and transform, or add any kind of functionality to it.  Today I discovered an application that transforms a Nokia N97 or 5800 into a Piano! You can play the piano with your fingers or stylus just as if you were playing a real piano. The application is very well done and I could not find any bugs or problems with it, it has very well done graphics and on top has other instruments you can play in your N97 or 5800, for example you can play the flute, violin and guitar.

I myself installed the musical software in the Nokia 5800 to try the piano out, I attempted to play the Nokia Tune and after almost 30 minutes of practice I got to play the tune more unless right. Anyway, if I can play something in this piano I am sure people that actually play the piano will find this application for the N97 and 5800 very useful and entertained; you can now play and practice piano anywhere you are! To install the piano application in your Nokia device justt download the file below, I advise you to download to your PC and transfer to memory card and then open it with File Manager, or with PC Suite. If you have any problem just leave a comment!

Download: piano

  • ahmad


  • shamim

    how can I download tios game in pc?

  • mj


  • hassan

    ey val baba nokia

  • sla8her


  • Greg

    it sucks, works but it really sucks on 5800, it plays the notes with a great delay/lag sometimes it’s over 1-2 seconds. lame. either phone or the application itself is very slow.