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Nokia Software: Download Web Internet Browser for S40 Nokia Mobile Phones


Continuing our effort to get the coolest software for Nokia S40 devices, we bring you Bolt Browser.  Bolt Browser is an internet browser for Nokia S40 devices like the 7610 Supernova, Nokia 5630, Nokia 6303 or Nokia 6700 and S60 devices like the N86 or N85.   This internet browser is faster than the built-in browser in your Nokia device because the page loads on an external server that compresses the page and then sends it to the phone. This browser serves as an alternative to the standard browser because there are some elements and pages that load very slow or even fail to load on the standard Nokia browser, that is why having a plan B and installing Bolt web Browser for Nokia is a good idea.

I gave Bolt a try and I have to mention that  it loads the pages very quickly,  I loaded several pages and every one of them loaded correctly and faster than in the native Nokia browser, this browser is very useful for example to check something very quickly because of the better speed than the original browser, however the native S60 browser loads the pages nicer and is more integrated with the device. Bolt lets you save bookmarks on your home screen and subscribe to feeds from any web site, you can also download images and adjust the level of zoom. In conclusion Bolt is a nice alternative to the standard Nokia browser, I specially have it installed for when something fails to load on the standard browser or I need to see something really quick.

To download and install Bolt Web Browser into your Nokia device download by following the link and then installing: Bolt Browser

Compatible with all Nokia devices, Ex:  Nokia 5630, 6303, 6700, E55, E75, N86 etc…

  • Chintu

    A browser which is more importent to me.

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    very nice service

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