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Nokia Software: Convert your S60 Device Into a WI-FI Router!

I love my Nokia device because I can extend its functionality to almost everything I need. This software called JoikuSpot is one of the best applications for Nokia ever built, its functionality is amazing and better it is free!  Imagine you are in an airport and need to browse internet or do something in your computer, then you search for a free internet access and all you find is some kind of pay-to-connect network. 

That happens a lot, but with JoikuSpot it won’t happen anymore, if that would happen to you in an airport you just would start Joikuspot on your phone and you would connect to your own WI-FI network!!  JoikuSpot transforms your device into a WI-FI router so you can have access on your PC or MAC anywhere your phone has coverage.  With this little and free application you won’t need to pay a subscription to your carrier for a Wireless Internet Card or pay to pay-to-connect WI-FI networks!  If you have a WI-FI enabled phone just download nokia by clicking the link below and install.  I recommend that you browse to this page with your Nokia device and download directly the software by clicking the download link.Download JoikuSpot

Compatible with: (WI-FI Enbaled 3rd Edtion Devices) Nokia N97, Nokia N96, Nokia N95, Nokia N95 8GB, Nokia N93i, Nokia N93, Nokia N85, Nokia N82, Nokia N81, Nokia N81 8GB, Nokia N79, Nokia N78, Nokia N73

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  • Muhammad Yousaf

    i still dont get it. how do i use this app??? pls help…

    • edward

      Ok, First: Download and install to your phone (Just navigate to this post with your Nokia phone and click the download link, then read what your phone tells you and accept everything) make sure your phone has WI-FI you can check here: http://www.gsmarena.com/nokia-phones-f-1-12.php.

      Then just look for the application in the menu and start it, then just connect and make sure JoikuSpot sayss it is running. Then connect your PC to the JoikuSpot network created by your phone.

  • qea

    N73 Don’t have A WIFI

  • Nazmul Kayes

    I did use this software, it’s very useful & very Handy try it my friends.