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Nokia Seeking a WP Developer Evangelist in Sunnyvale, California

Nokia's Sunnyvale, California HQ

Nokia is taking the U.S market seriously this time; right now, they are getting ready to unveil their “portfolio of Windows Phone devices” in the U.S by early 2012–devices that have been designed with the U.S market in mind in Sunnyvale, California. But Nokia knows that hardware alone will not suffice in the American market, it is clear that the consumers here in the U.S want massive app catalogs to seal the deal when buying a new smartphone. Nokia knows this, and in order to┬ástrengthen their app offering through Windows Phone, they have just posted a job offering for a “developer evangelist who serves as the voice of developers inside of Nokia.” The focus of this job is to work with Windows Phone
developers to “deliver unique and creative” apps to consumers, while maintaining a sustainable profit for developers. The position is being offered in Sunnyvale, California. You can read more about it here: Nokia Careers.

The position will be part of Nokia’s Developer Experience team. The team’s goal is to engage with developers through “world-class developer outreach programs,” as well as providing technical support services to enable developers to efficiently design and distribute applications for Nokia Windows Phone devices. They make sure that developers have everything they need in order to create the next best-seller app for Windows Phone.

Hopefully we’ll see more of Nokia’s U.S strategy in the near future.

Via Cnet