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Nokia Pulse | First Nokia Mini Projector for Mobile Phones

Mini projectors in mobile phones has been the dream of many, to be able to project a screen on a wall or tabble, and have your mobile device in a big screen; being one step closer to mobile phones replacing computers. Think of it, with a built-in projector, you could be watching movies everywhere in a big scree, browsing the web fullscreen too and even showing the pictures and videos you took to family and friends just on any wall!

Other manufacturers have released mini projectors and even phones with built in projectors, but so far, none of thispulse nokiaphones has proved good enough; being battery life the biggest problem. Nokia hasn’t mentioned the technology, until today. Nokia is  still not planning to release a phone with built-in projector, but they are working on an accessory for any device capable of projecting big screens and surround you with crisp clear sound, Nokia calls it ”Nokia Pulse”.

The Nokia Pulse is a mini projector capable of projecting big screens, the interesting aspect is that the user can control the projector with the phone. You can place the Nokia Pulse over a table and decide if project in the same table or the wall, you can also rotate the projector – all from your device. The Nokia Pulse has a NXT speaker with Dolby technology. The Pulse is still a concept, but eventually we will see gadgets like this hitting the shelves! And it is not very far away since there are mini projectors in the market right now, check the 3M Mini Projector

Via: Walyou

  • PC

    Online version of sun newspaper, here in the UK is reporting that Nokia has announced a new projector phone. This phone will be based on the Nokia new Multimedia centered N97.

    If the news is to be believed, this would mean a giant leap forward for Nokia and with out a doubt Nokia claim the first place and dominate the mobile computer arena for many years to come.

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      I DOUBT it very much

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  • Vinod Savant

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    Can we connect this phone to a laptop for a presentation in a seminar or taking a class

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    wow nice thought.

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    finally nokia launces the mobile but what is the prize for that

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    i like it, wow that’s very nice & usefull. how much pay this mobile phone.

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    Rs. 5000/- Only.