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Nokia Play 360 Speaker Review

The Nokia Play 360 is a Bluetooth and NFC enabled speaker from Nokia. It provides music in 360 degrees so you can fill a room with music. But how loud and clear is the Play 360 really? Here’s a video review I shot followed by some comments!

The Play 360 is beautiful. It’s design is amazing–it feels solid and well built: only aluminium and high-quality rubberized plastic were used in the outer construction. The Play 360 has a built-in battery that provides 20 hours of completely wireless music, you can take your Play 360 along to picnic in the park without worrying about a power source. But what most impresses about the Play 360 is the depth and quality of the sound it produces. It is almost twice as loud and deep as a Mac Book Pro. The Play 360, however, is not as powerful as a Bose Soundock; but those require a steady power source and are almost twice as big and heavy. The Play 360 offers amazing sound for a speaker its size, but don’t expect it to replace a stereo system–that’s just unrealistic. The Play 360 offers three ways to connect a portable music player: NFC, Bluetooth, and a 3.5mm jack. That’s enough to connect most devices to the Play 360 and enjoy high quality music.

Do I recommend the Play 360? Absolutely!

  • Stphnhope

    I got one for Xmas it’s fantastic great sound for a small speaker.will be buying another.

    • http://nokiamobileblog.com/ Edward U.

      I also wanted to get another one to do the stereo set up, but it was too hard to find this one, so….