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Nokia Play 360 On Amazon and Microsoft Store in the U.S

These might be old news, but the Nokia Play 360 is now available in the U.S in all three colors. A couple of months ago when I got my Play 360, I had to go through a lot of work finding a Play 360 overseas and having someone bring it to the U.S. I also paid considerably more than what the Play 360 is currently going for over here. Anyway, if you haven’t heard anything about the Play 360, let me tell you it’s an awesome accessory to go along with the Lumia 900 or 710. I reviewed the Play 360 some time ago, and loved it. I also¬†compared it to the Jawbone Jambox and discovered the Play 360 offers better sound quality overall. The Microsoft Store has them, but I would go with Amazon. Just a heads up!