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Nokia Play 360, Nokia Luna, Purity Stereo and Purity HD Come to the U.S

Nokia makes some seriously good accessories. I gave theĀ Nokia Play 360 a run for its money a few days ago and loved it: it’s quality, design, and usability areĀ outstanding. Nokia did not use to sell accessories such as the Play 360 here in the U.S. Wait, did I say “used to”? That’s right, the announcement of the Nokia Lumia 900 brought along a set of Nokia accessories that will enter the American market along with it. Among those, are the Nokia Play 360, Nokia Luna Bluetooth Headset, Nokia/Monster Purity HD, and Nokia/Monster Purity Stereo. All of those are incredible accessories that provide excellent quality and design to go along with the beautiful Lumia 900. Unfortunately, no price nor availability date have been announced. You can take a look at the accessories here: Nokia Accessories.