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Meet My PC – The Powerful Nokia N96 and SU-8W Bluetooth Keyboard

Well… it is time for you guys to meet my PC!  The powerful Nokia N96 and the versatile SU-8W Bluetooth Keyboard. I have been using them for a while now as a replacement of my laptop and I am completely amazed with the results.

I am constantly on the go and maybe that is a reason why I am interested on Symbian devices, Symbian smartphones offer me everything I need while I am not connected with my PC at home. And although I still think that S60 devices are not full computers yet, they do beat laptops while on the go. When

I am out of home I basically do web browsing on my laptop and document editing as well as emailing,  but if I carry my laptop that would mean that I am also carrying some kind of backpack or briefcase, also if I carry my laptop I would need to throw the charger on the backpack because my EEE PC does not give me more than 3 1/2 hours of battery life. But wait that is not all, on top I also have to carry my phone because otherwise I would have an useless laptop without internet connection.  That is why  taking a laptop around is just not convenient because of size, connectivity  and battery life.

After having the problems I mentioned with my laptop I decided to buy a SU-8W Nokia Bluetooth Keyboard and complement it with a really rich featured phone as the N96. And let me tell you, this two combined are better than ANY laptop!  The N96 is an amazing phone with a gigantic screen that makes everybody think it is a touch screen, it also has the Feature Pack 2 with improved and better OS than the N95 which is a FP1 phone. The N96 also features a really nice kickstand on the back and although simple, I love it because I can stand my N96 while having dinner, on the night table etc… and have a better look at incoming calls, SMS, E-Mails. I also dare to say that the N96 is the most sexy Nokia phone ever built, I love the way it is designed with its elegant shapes and fancy black shiny surface.  Another reason why I chose the N96 to be the official replacement to my laptop is because of its internal memory, it has 16 GB, but with the SD slot sums up to a total of 32GB making it more proper to handle all my files just as my Laptop does.