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Nokia Noise Cancelling Headphones Announced | Nokia BH-905

nokia-noise-canellingNokia does not only make powerful smartphones, it also does high-end accessories to complement those high-end smartphones! The latest addition to Nokia’s accessory portfolio are the Nokia BH-905 Bluetooth¬† Noise Cancelling Headphones, probably the most advanced noise cancelling headphones ever, in simpler words, they are the N97 in the headphone world, here are are the specs:

To start, the Nokia BH-905 has 10 microphones! One of them takes your voice, the second one makes sure that only your voice is taken so you can be heard perfectly over your Nokia phone. Tthe rest of mics are used to keep sounds away and cancel them so you can listen only what you are supposed to hear, voice calls, music, videos etc…¬† The Nokia BH-905 is not only made to complement your Nokia smartph0ne, it also connects to airplanes, home stereo set-ups with 6.3mm jack and computers or music players with a 3.5mm jack, not to mention of course the Bluetooth A2DP profile to listen to music wirelessly with your Nokia phone.

In conclusion, the Nokia BH-905 are the best headphones that money can buy, they will ship August for 285 Euros.

Via: Nokia Conversations