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Nokia N97 Will Come With External Stylus | Live Pictures!

The Nokia N97 is now for pre order on four countries, if you are in the U.S.A, you can now pre-order the white or black N97 and use the code CARTP409N to get an extra discount. When I pre-ordered the N97 I noticed that it came with an external stylus, the weird thing is that I never saw that stylus on the thousands of pictures and videos that I have watched about the Nokia N97. But today, Mobile-Review, published the Nokia N97 complete review (sorry, only in Russian) and took some pictures of the stylus that comes with the Nokia N97. You have to see it for yourself, here are some pictures:

The stylus goes hanging on a side of the Nokia N97, which is not convenient at all. But the stylus itself looks to be pretty comfortable and easy to use. It does not have the classical rounded form factor but a wider area that makes it easier to hold. If you definitively don’t like the stylus, you should not worry at all, the Nokia N97 is completely usable without stylus, it is only included as an extra feature and for Asian countries that need it to input text. 

Mobile Review also reviewed the Nokia N97, for the moment it is only in Russian although the English version should come soon. Here are some pictures they took, visit them to see the rest:  Nokia N97 Review.


  • Erik

    I think its a cool stylus, it looks like the white part (tip) pops in and out?

  • Matias

    Yes, it does look like it comes out, anyone knows?

    • edward

      I tried to translate the review, which is in Russian, but did not specify anything about the stylus. But, yes, it does look like it extends, interesting

  • larry kahn

    it is not acceptable the 5800 has a stylus that slips into the back much more user friendly this is a killer… try playing bridge , chess or even solitair ie games that have small areas you need to click and drag without a stylus.. what were they thinking??

    • edward

      Hha, the N97 has a HUGE screen, you won’t need stylus at all unlike the smaller screen of the Nokia 5800. You still can hang the thing on, not as convenient, but well…