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Nokia N97 v2.1 Software Update Coming February 1st | Changelog

Nokia has been paying special attention to their current Flagship device Nokia N97. Its because when this device first came with v1.0, it was full of bugs and annoyances. However, this were later solved with v2.0 were significant improvements were made.

Now seems like Nokia is ready to deliver the next software update for the Nokia N97: v2.1. This is not a big update like v2.0, but an update that surely will make the N97 better. V2.1 is supposed to go live February 1st, and will offer this improvements:

-Improved the reliability of call
– Improved the scrolling touch
– Improved browser
– Improvements to the music player
– Improved Video and Photo Playback

I am happy about a few of them, let’s get over them. Reliability of calls, well, I haven’t had problems with that. But, the kinetic scrolling has been a bit of a problem for example on my Apps folder where I can’t scroll smoothly and I end up opening an application I didn’t mean to. The browser has been working great, a few crashes but nothing remarkable. The Music Player does have a problem, it is really annoying when searching tracks. And the video/photo playback is a thing Nokia needed to improve. The video playback is OK, but it took ages for a picture to sharpen and come in focus, annoying when showing pics to people

Let’s hope that v2.1 comes tomorrow, February 1st. Remember you will need your PC with Ovi Suite to update your N97, tell us if notice anything exciting on the new v2.1.

via: Nokialino

  • Ali

    hmm..some good changes in new version :)

  • kareem

    it is really faster

  • dhruv

    hi still i m having v2 only and i tryied in ovisuit to update but there is no 2.1 update…i m from mumbai india…any clue abt it y i m not getting v2.1 update?

  • Salama Taher

    thank you so much for your efforts

  • Darkangel_hamada