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Nokia N97 Unboxing Review | First Impressions

The long awaited Nokia N97 finally shipped for the USA and most of the countries of the world in this month, and luckly, we had the opportunity to get our hands on the black version N97 and of course we will do the full coverage over here at the Nokia Mobile Blog. First we will Start with the unboxing pictures and first thoughts, I am going to talk about my reaction to the device and what I think of it now that I have used it for almost 3 days.

The N97 arrived in a beautiful simple, black box – very stylish and elegant. I opened the box and there was the N97 together with a stylus, battery, charger USB cable and all manuals. But the TV-OUT cable was nowhere to be found, they even put there a cleaning cloth, but no TV-OUT even thoug the N97 supports that option.

The N97 is just beautiful at first sight, looks just like a mini computer – very shiny and luckly *very* solid. The mechanism to open the N97 is a bit weird, but the N97 is solid as rock, when closed the N97’s upper part (screen) does not even move, the build quality of the N97 is superior to the N95, N85 and many more Nseries devices. Finally we see for the first time metal parts on a Nseries phone.

The N97 is just cool, I started to play around with it and just found it a joy to use. You can use it wiith the D-Pad which is very comfortable, or you can use it with the touchscreen which is very big compared to the 5800 or any other Nokia around. The feedback and sensibility of the screen is pretty good too, more sensible than the Nokia 5800, almost feels like a capacitive touchscreen. I also played with the camera and I have to say I am impressed, it takes very good pictures compared to my N85, in fact slightly better than the N85.

So far the N97 has impressed me, it is all-in-one; everything, every feature is right there on the Nokia N97. The solid look also helps, and the wow factor is just amazing on thos phone – lots of heads turning towards me while walking on the street! My first impressions on the N97 were very good, it has been a fast device and an awesome experience so far, but stay tuned because there is more to come related to the N97!

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  • Johann

    Hey edward, have you had any problems with the headphones they shipped with the N97? I tried using (inserted volume control piece then headphones) and it either gives me microphone feedback or really low volume. Tried it on my computer 3.5mm headphones and same problem. All that music is kind of pointless if I can’t use headphones with the cellphone…. lol

  • Ahmad

    The nokia Photos has bug, after working with the phone for sometime, once you open any picture it wont show in high resolution !!! usally it showes i low resolution and once you start zooming it will fix !!! but sometimes it hangs on the low res and never fix it !! and you have to restart the phone in order to get the hight quality pictures again !!! suprisingly this happens only with the pictures taken by the phone camera while other pictures and wallpapers doesnt affected by this bug !!! I waiting for Firmware update !!!

    • edward

      Ahh, yes there are a couple of bugs in the current firmware, but Nokia is definitively paying attention to that, I too hope a firmware is on the way!

  • Ahmad

    After uploading music, the Album art does not show on any of the 200 Albums I uploaded vis Nokia Music !!! it is the same bug on 5800 and never fixed !!

  • Ahmad

    Hey Adward, I found a good solution for browsing pictures !! Nokia has just released a new version of the Nokia Photo Browser (Check it on Nokia Labs Website) !! now it’s working with better zooming resolution and seems very smooth !!! I am using it instead of the buggy photo application that comes with my N97 !!!

    • edward

      Hello Ahmad, yeah I know that app, its my favorite and first app I show off when I am showing off my Nokia mobile ;). But it still takes a while for pictures to look crisp, don’t you have that problem? And unfortunately, it won’t replace the built-in gallery completely because you can’t erase pics and do other stuff. Is edward by the way, but don’t worry ;)

  • Ahmad

    Yes I have that problem, but the built in takes a while too and sometimes it never gives the crisp picture especially for photos taken by the phone camera !

    Yes, you still need the built in viewer to organize the pictures !

  • Ahmad

    Hey Edward, How is the YouTube ? For my White N97 its lagging while you are watching Videos in full screen, if you tap on the video for any reason (to go back, play another Video..Etc) the whole window and browser will be closed and any other open applications or widgets will be closed too (Basically the Phone will close all opened processes) !!!!
    I installed flash lite 3.1, although it improved flash applications performance, but it didnt help with YouTube and browser closing issue ! Do you have the same problem ?

  • hani

    I just got a n97, I have a problem with the headphones, I connect them to the handheld but the audio would still going from the main speaker , I tried many other headsets, but still not working, shall I return it back to the agent?

    • edward

      Noo, go to settings, then search around accessories and put the default to headset. Try another pair too

  • james

    first impression about N97 is very good same like iphone but i still prefer iphone only.

  • Vence

    Hi Edward,
    Im bout to buy new phone, either N86 or N97.
    I would like to know hows the music sound / speaker on both phones?
    as far as Im concern they should be better than N85, coz my N85 wasnt so clear compare to the music speaker that I heard from N81.


  • Ferretti

    Hani – make sure you push the headphones in all the way, you have to push quite firmly and it will make a little click sound.


    I have a problem with the headphones, I connect them to the handheld but the audio would still going from the main speaker , I tried many other headsets, but still not working,.

    When I start the music player, its fine and i can listen to music on headphones but when i make a call it wont come to headphone and instead it will go to main speker of the phone.

    Please advice.

  • Arsen

    Dears, I have nokia n97. I use my music player 2 days, but now I cant listen music, no any noices from my phone. Please help my. Thanks in advance.

  • eddie

    hey edward did you find any issues with pairing with a coputer via blutooth and issues connecting via wifi and uploading music cause i am having every one of those issues and am losing my mind trying to work it out ???
    if you have a solution thatd be fantastic