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Nokia N97 Release Date on June – According To Nokia| Nokia N97 Release Date


While I was today reading Nokia’s press release for Ovi Store, I saw something interesting. The availability date of the N97 was ”officially confirmed” since this is an official press release coming from Nokia itself.  The document says ” The Nokia N97, available in June” .  So there you go, the Nokia N97 release date is somewhere in June.  Knowing Nokia now for years, I can say that exact day in June will be after the 15th  rather than the first days of June, too much time in my opinion. Here is the important part of the press release:

The content will range from applications, games and videos to widgets, podcasts, location-based applications and personalization content for Nokia Series 40 and S60 devices. The Nokia N97, available in June, will be the first device to include the simple and easy-to-use storefront