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Nokia N97 Software Update Available: v12.2.024

Today I plugged my Nokia N97 NAM to my PC and the Ovi Suite alerted me about a new software update for the Nokia N97, version 12.2.024.  I unplugged the N97 and checked if the update would appear in the OTA app, it didn’t so I connected my device again. When I opened Nokia Software Updater effectively v12.2.024 was ready to download and install on the N97. If you want to update your N97 just head here and download NSU: Download NSU. The update should be for both NAM and Europe/Asia variants.


After installing v12

I installed V12 on my N97, the process went smooth and without errors. After v12 was installed on my N97, I started exploring the N97 but couldn’t find anything different from v11. Thee browser looks thee same, the rumour about kinetic scrolling contacts is still a rumour and no extra apps were added. The changelog is still not available, but we are sure some bugs were fixed and stability was improved. Stay tuned for more updates regarding v12!

  • chandru

    installed the update today on mine 12.2.026 via NSU. but when i go on the phone now on the SW update menu option it still shows the update as there and I cant get rid of it. any ideas?