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Nokia N97 Review: Black or White? Difficult Decision!

Nokia always releases a phone in two or more color variants. The N97 was initially white, but then the black version came in silently.  Choosing between this two colors is very difficult, and that is why we bring you a small comparison between the white and black N97.

n97 official picn97 real white

The first thing we have to say is that the white N97 does not look anything like the official pictures Nokia released from the N97 like the one above. That N97 in the pic is not white, is silver. That is right, don’t guide yourself by the official pictures because neither the black or white official pictures from the N97 reasemble reality. If looking closely, not even the theme on the official picture comes with the white or black N97.

Black vs White:

The white N97 is very different from the black N97, of course not in technical terms but aesthetically speaking they are very different. The white N97 screams for attention while the black N97 passes more ”unnoticed”. There is not much to say since it is personal opinion and in this case pictures say more than words. But even so, we have to say that the black N97 looks slightly better. The white N97 looks more like a toy, and for example the back part of the phone is not even white, is a pearl white and doesn’t match with the front part of the N97.

The keyboard on the white N97 also tends to get dirty, for example, it can turn red if you just ate strawberries or black if you haven’t washed your hands for a while. The backlight on the keyboard also works better on the black N97, the contrast black/white helps a lot while the white/white does not. ¬†The difference is very subtle, and not a big deal; but enough talking, below are the comparisonpictures. Which one do you prefer, the white N97 or the black N97?

  • Harrysason

    thanks for letting me know that the official picture we all see in ads is not actually the same color than the real white nokia n97, and you are right! it is a very difficult decision

    • edward

      Yep, is a bit tricky, best thing to do is go to a nokia store and see both; but even then is difficult to decide…lol

  • Daz

    Black or White wasn’t a difficult choice for me. As my wife and I alway have the same phones when we “upgrade” it’s a matter of, “Which colour would you like, dear”, and I get the other one. Simples. LOL

  • http://www.serafinos.altervista.org Salvatore Serafino

    Nokia N97 White is the top!!!!!!

  • Bill Bartmann

    This site rocks!

  • kayla

    hey nice site ., i was just wondering why there is two black phones in the photots ? are they different or are they just there for the sake of the photo? thanx

    • edward

      hehehe, nice question, just to make the whole thing look cooler ;)

  • Chipper

    Hmm white or black! i want it!

  • stmnm

    i have the black after checking the white one i found it looks like a toy and i want a phone that looks like it works, so balck is the one!

  • Shahbaz Ahmed

    i chose the black N97 over the white. white looks awesome, but i was worried about the long term prospects. white will get dirtier alot easily. my friends were pushing for white cos it stand out, i chose the black one cos it gives a better look to the phone, oops sry “mobile computer”

  • N9tyseven

    Didn’t think there would be anything to consider but aesthetics when having to choose between black or white. Having owned white N97 I have discovered that the firmware updates for the black models seem to arrive earlier than for the white model. Sometimes even days. So if you’re keen on having the latest firmware first, and you don’t want to change the productcode of your N97, you may want to choose the black model.

  • bennieeee

    these are the best f*&%ing phones in the world!!