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Nokia N97 Real Life Video Demo! Nokia N97 Black

The Nokia N97 is set to launch in almost 1 month and some days in the European and Asian markets, in the Americas its probably 2 or 3 months away from hitting the shelves. The Nokia N97 is probably the most amazing smartphone Nokia ever produced, it has everything, from a QWERTY keyboard to a huge 3.5” touch screen and almost 48GB of internal memory! The Nokia N97 is like a laptop that fits in a pocket. 

Smashpop from symbian.smashpop.net, did an awesome video af the Nokia N97 with Julien Fourgeaud. The video is in good quality and Julien does the complete overview of the Nokia N97, everything from video to browser and music is shown. He also shows the kinetic scrolling on the browser which is not like in the 5800, think like iPhone’s web browser and scrolling. Enjoy the video!