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Nokia N97 Promo Code and Competition to Get Free N97!

I have been looking at the Nokia N97 at NokiaUSA for now a long time, what kept me away from pre-ordering this wonderful mini-computer was the final $750us price tag. But today I went ahead and preordered the Nokia N97 with overnight shipping and protection plan for $681usd! How did I do it?


Using the promo code I found! You can use it too to get a full $70usd away from your order, the bad part is that the bluetooth headset disappears, but I really don’t care because I got the N97 cheaper and I will be among the first ones to receive it, remember the N97 will ship from the factory according to Nokia. Promo Code is: CARTP409N. But the good news don’t stop there! There is a chance to win a free Nokia N97! You can enter the competition to get your free Nokia N97 here: Enter the Competition.  So what are you waiting for!! Go ahead fill that competition to get your free N97 and use the promo code to get 70usd off from your brand new N97 from NokiaUSA!

  • Robin

    Thank you mate, that was really helpful

    • edward


  • Beatriz

    got to love the promotion codes! Thanx

  • Kinghorn

    Yeeaaahhh, I really don’t care about the headset, the 70 bucks are WAAY better.

  • DeLima

    I think the contest is only for UK, but thanks for the code anyway

    • edward

      Yeah, forgot that detail, I entered my email anyway ;)

  • aLEX

    Hello, I tried with this code on online store mexico preorder but it says “promotion code not valid”, maybe do you know the code for this page to get a discount? Many many thanks

    • edward

      Sorry, but that only works for the USA site. And I really don’t know for the Mexico site :(

  • andrew

    I got a question… The code doesn’t work anymore… Are there any other codes that will get me a discount ? Thanks!

  • http://www.promocodes.co.uk/Avis-Promotional-code/ Avis Promotional Code

    Nice post. Thanks for give the information about the promo code. It will really help to get the discount on the N-97. & also give a chance to win price. Its good keep it up.