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Nokia N97: Nokia Releases Memory Reorganizer For The N97 | Improves RAM

nokia n97 ram copia

The N97 is known for having memory problems, the RAM that Nokia put on this device is just not enough for the capability this device has. However, Nokia is┬áconscious┬áthat the lack of RAM is a problem and they have been trying to fix it with software updates, memory patches and now this app called ”Memory Reorganizer.”

update appreorganizer app

Today I checked the ”SW Update” app in my Nokia N97 and a new ”Memory Reorganizer” update was available. I installed the app and then checked if the memory had increased. It didn’t, because this is an actual app that you have to run. After you download the Memory Reorganizer from the SW Update app, you will find the app in the Applications folder. When you run it, a warning tells you that you won’t be able to use the device while the memory is reorganizing. I thought it was going to be a long process; it just lasted like 5 seconds. I see that the memory increased a mere 2MB. After the app finishes ”reorganizing” it removes itself from the N97. How many Mbs did the Memory Reorganizer free on your Nokia N97?

Update: Some users are reporting up to 6MB freed by the Memory Reorganizer app, the normal memory freed, however, is around the 3-4MBs.

Update#2: I confused the RAM with the C: drive, the Memory Reorganizer doesn’t free RAM but C: drive. Thanks to those who commented and let me know!

  • thewinchester

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention, I’ve successfully clawed back 9.5MB of memory on my N97 – which is a godsend because its already a dog of a phone. Every little bit helps.

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  • KiwiBob

    I gained 7 Mb, now up to 40.3. Good, as I have been having problems with some apps and have been tryitn to free up memory.

  • D’banji

    I gained 9.0MB after the update, was at 30.3MB and now at 39.3 MB. Thanks a million to Nokia for the X-Mass gift. Might not be enough but 9.0MB is God sent at this crucial time.

  • Concerned

    After installing the app i was pleased to find that almost 10 megs of memory was freed. However about an hour after installing i cannot make calls. Phone says ‘not allowed’ and also cannot connect to internet using the browser. I also cannot view any of the connections available. Is anyone else having this problem?

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  • daClaus

    Memory Reorganiser doesn’t give you more RAM, it gives you more space on C: drive, that’s a big difference.

    Ain’t it funny how happy users can be about freaking 9 MB in times of Terabyte hard disks? :-)

  • http://www.battery-megastore.co.uk Batt

    The app sorted it out a bit but still seemd to be lacking something!!

  • froschy

    As a previous poster noted this article incorrectly states that the update addresses RAM, it seems that the author has mistaken the NAND memory for RAM. The NAND memory is the c: & z: drives that Nokia disgracefully underestimated the requirements for in the N97 and subsequently fixed in the N97 mini.

  • nour adra

    i installaed teh reorganizer, and behaved like up mentioned. however, it only freed about a 100k, from 48.1 mb to 48.2 mb.
    anything wrong??

  • mbrett

    Still nothing for UK Voda branded N97. Product code 0585262. Why do they hate us sooooo much?

  • task283

    I’ve had 4 N97’s from vodafone for various reasons over the last 4 months and was told on the last call that they are no longer supplying the N97 due to the complaints they have received. Only choice is to downgrade to the Mini or wait for another maker to supply something equal.

  • Mathews

    I received about 16MB

  • hary

    i cant get the updates using the updater. Why? Can someone help me please. Thanks

  • Rey

    Great software , my free memory goes double , 10Mb to 21 Mb , wow!
    Realy great!!

  • vincenzo femi

    il mio n97 non aggiunge all.elenco questa applicaz. chi mi spiega perche’ ?

  • Aian

    was the application discontinued? It doesn’t show up on my SW update anymore. I used to be able to use it all the time.

    • Satviewer2000

      For some bizarre reason, the app removes itself after it runs, and yet it still leaves a footprint in the C: drive. You will have to manually uninstall it, then it will reappear as an update. You will then have to re-download it to be able to use it again.

  • Cherry

    It worked very well, but after a while my free memory was 0 again, how do I reorganize again?

  • Qualmod

    Where oh, where did my Memory Reorganizer go? I DID work great – too bad it disappeared!!!! I so hate that I bought this stupid phone.

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