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Nokia N97 Mini: Official Images and Thoughts | N97 Mini

When the first Nokia N97 Mini leaked some months ago, I really thought it definitively had to be a┬áChinese┬ácopy of the N97. I could not think of such a ”funny” idea, releasing a mini version of another device! Whats the point in that? For my surprise, the N97 mini was eventually released, I was just puzzled.

nokia n97 mini blacknokia n97 mini

But lately, I have changed my opinion about the N97 Mini. First I thought, is it an upgrade for the N97? No, is not, therefore, N97 users should not be worried, they already have the better device. Now, the N97 is an expensive and big device, the form factor and design really amaze many people that at first sight just decide it is too big and ”technologically advanced” for them. There, is where the N97 Mini takes place. The N97 Mini has a more sophisticated look, remarkably smaller, and sleeker: the N97 Mini is aimed at another market.

nokia n97 mini side

The N97 Mini is the perfect phone for everyone, the size is standard, as well as specifications. The N97 Mini has really caught my attention, in the following months, we will see weather or not was a good idea from Nokia to release an N97 Mini. What do you think?

  • cell phone treasure

    That’s one cool looking phone! Size still matters in my opinion. Look at apple.