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Nokia N97 Gallery | High Quality N97 Pictures

The Nokia N97 is the current Nokia flagship, meaning that is the most feature rich and complete Nokia smartphone to date, a place previously owned by the Nokia N95 for a long while. The Nokia N97 is defined by Nokia as a ”Mobile Computer” and not a ”Multimedia Computer” as they used to call the previous flasgship, Nokia says so because they think the Nokia N97 can replace a computer and actually looks like a computer with the laptop like form factor, but the N97 is not just looks, is also power under the hood, to refresh your memory, the Nokia N97 has 32GB of internal memory expandable to 48GB, a 3.5” nHD touch screen, WI-FI, GPS, 5 Megapixel camera, Carl Zeiss Lens and Auto-Focus, full QWERTY keyboard, FM transmitter and much more features that make it the most complete Nokia smartphone to date. Here is a picture gallery of the upcoming Nokia N97 in the white flavour, you can see this marvel phone is almost every angle, enjoy!


Via: Daily Mobile