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Nokia N97 First Look | N97 vs. N85, Nokia 5800, E71 and E63

We now received the Nokia N97 a couple of days ago, and since we had some other interesting Nokia devices to compare the N97 with, we did an awesome video showing all this other devices right next to the N97. We compared the N85, 5800, E63, E71 and another oldie with the N97. Below is the video, below, more detailed info.

Nokia N97 vs Nokia 5800

The Nokia 5800 is the N97’s little brother. The 5800 has a 3,2 inch screen while the N97 has a bigger 3.5” inch screen, but the interesting aspect is that both devices have more or less the same size. In terms of specifications, the N97 is a far superior device, it has more features and the form factor of the N97 is more useful than the 5800 form factor. The screen of the Nokia N97 is also more responsive and the build quality is superior on the N97. The big difference here is ¬†the price, being the N97 more expensive than the 5800

Nokia N97 vs. Nokia N85

The N85 is not a touchscreen phone but has very similar features from the N97. For example, the FM Transmitter, the 5 Megapixel camera and other standard features like GPS, WI-FI and Bluetooth. The big difference lays in the form factor, and the N97 has a better form factor unless you need to use your device with one hand, in that case the N85 wins over the N97. I noticed so far that the camera is better on the N97, pics look much better and not as blurry as the N85 sometimes produces. But a strong point of the N85 is the beautiful OLED screen which is far superior to the N97 screen, although the N97 compensates with size

Nokia N97 vs. Nokia E71 and E63

The Nokia N97 is the first Nseries smartphone that somehow looks, feels and has features from an Eseries. First the build quality, and then the full QWERTY keyboard. Of course the build quality of the E71 is ¬†better than thhe N97’s, but it is only because of the form factor, the E71 does nto have moving parts where the N97 does have; however, the N97 has Eseries build quality. An aspect where this two smartphones fight is the QWERTY keyboard, we believe that there is no better keyboard, it is just a matter of getting used to. What we do mention, is that the N97 needs two keystrokes to get a coma.

The Nokia N97 is the ultimate smartphone, it is the first Nokia that has clear margins of superiority compared to other handsets. Even compared to the latest offerings from Nokia, the N97 beats the all in terms of features and build quality, but what also separates the N97 from the rest of Nokia smartphones are a couple of hundreds.