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Nokia N97 Competition: What Does Mobile Computing Mean?

And the winner is!: ShyRobot!

Congratulations to shyrobot for his entry! He is the winner of the brand new Nokia N97!

What does mobile computing mean for you? That is the question that could get you a brand new Nokia N97 as a reward!

main n97 competition

We are giving away a brand new Nokia N97. All you have to do is answering a very simple question: ”What does mobile computing mean for you?”. You can answer this question via a YouTube video (preferably) and reply to the one below. You can also explain what mobile computing means for you in other ways: via a tweet, a comment here at NMB or a post elsewhere. Please make sure that I know you answered the question, if you make a video, post the link as a comment here or publish it as a response to the one below, same goes with Twitter (although a mentionĀ @NokiaMobileBlog works) .

If you don’t know what a Nokia N97 is, you are missing a lot. The N97 is the most advanced smartphone out there, its a PC that fits in your pocket.

nokia n97 black

So what are you waiting for? The competition ends in October the 15th when I will choose my favorite response and send him/her a brand new Nokia N97. Below is the competition intro, thanks to Nokia for the sponsorship and awards. Also make sure to watch what the N97 product manager has to say:

Here is what the N97 PM has to say – Ira Frimere


  • http://masedi.net gombile

    Nice info :-)

    is there any other rules?
    Are allowed if we send more than 1 tweet?

    • edward

      Hello, you can do whatever you want but of course only one entry will win. However, we are really looking for videos….

  • Alex

    To me, mobile computing is taking notes in class and reviewing them while I wait for the bus.

  • http://www.mandeep.nokiamobileblog.com Mandeep Singh

    The mobile computing means a lot for me,firstly doing all smartphone tasks easily with speed. Getting all information from web,reading news,checking emails,updating my blog just with mobile without touching my PC.Uploading my newly taken snaps to my social networks from any where.Surfing the web at broadband like speed just anywhere.Viewing the office documents,editing them and adding new documents easily.Downloading the big files from internet without any worries.PC like applications for adding more functionality to mobile and giving me PC like experience.With mobile computing now i can able to do most of daily tasks without touching my PC.Mobile Computing Means More Freedom In My Daily Life.

  • http://duldrum.com roamer145

    Mobile computing, to me, means alot. At any given time, using my E71x, I am downloading programs, connected to the internet using my data plan, listening to music, typing a blog post, programming on my website, typing a paper for class, reasearching methods in which I can modify my existing tech, checking up on my facebook, and more. Mobile computing is being away from a computer and still doing computer tasks. I even connect to my computer via ssh from my phone to run a few things. My cell phone is an extention of my body, and without at least on activity of mobile computing, namely twitter or facebook, I feel naked. If I don’t have my cell phone, my geeky side dies a little. Mobile computing is a lifestyle. (and yes, I typed all this on my E71x. I really am addicted to this little device.)

  • Abdullah Al-Sheikh Hasan

    Breaking loose of Time & Place; 4 me mobile computing means being among the first ppl to knw about many amazing things such as this competition on the go (jogging now) without the boundaries of Time and Place.

  • http://PT.posterous.com PT

    Mobile Computing: “Being able to do anything, anywhere!”


  • mve

    Mobile computing is what it says. A mini pc. I should be able to read news papers, check my emails and communitys, stay in touch with friends, play games. Basicly everything you could do on a norma. Pc.

    That is what mobile computing should mean to everyone.

  • http://castlecake.co.uk Peter Kimball-Evans

    To me mobile computing means complete access to work, interests, fun, and friends, whenever I want and wherever I go. I never have a worry with my mobile phone.

  • Carson T.

    Mobile Computing for me means quick access to/sharing of information instantly without the hassle of opening a full fledged laptop. Instantly checking updates such as live scores, stock quotes, weather etc. even updates from social networking sites such as facebook and twitter. A scenario like this is common for me: I’m on a cab (or any other transport), then I hear a familiar tune on the radio, I search for the song and artist and check the discography/lyrics. After getting relevant info, then share it through facebook/twitter. Easy. All without having to wait to use a “computer”.

  • http://daclaus.wordpress.com daClaus

    Mobile computing – from my point of view – is to do anything wherever I am, with ONE device.
    – Need a phone number? Fire up the browser and do a search in a phonebook on the web.
    – In the mood for some music on my way to work? Stream my music from the phone to the car radio.
    – Getting a meeting request on my way to the restroom? Accept it (or not :-) ) on the loo, eeer fly.
    – I’m in the meeting room and need a file from my PC? Turn on SymSMB and I get it in a second.
    – A streaker passing by, chased by some cops? Take a picture (and post it to my blog with wordmobi)
    – In a boring meeting? Watch a movie, maybe? Or do some chatting over ICQ with friends who are also sitting in a boring meeting
    – Need to update an excel sheet while getting a tan? No problem, QO does the trick.
    – Have to get some milk? Write a note.
    – Beeing sick of beeing connected? Won’t happen.

  • http://gjoe-technology.blogspot.com Mohd Azizul Abdullah

    Mobile computing means I can access information anywhere I go and whenever I want by using only a single device. It should be capable enough to do all the works and small enough to be carried out all the time without compromising the user-experience.

  • Nana K

    MOBILE COMPUTING? Frankly, it’s just collecting all the best, basic things you do with your PC and conveying them to the mobile platform for ease of use. So it feels like you’re on a PC but you’re rather achieving the same tasks using your mobile.
    I think mobile computing is fun, intuitive and best of all revolutionary. Who ever thought computers could be so mobile?

    Sent on a phone using T9space.com

  • Mike Barnes

    To me, mobile computing is about being able to be connected through whatever media you prefer (voice, video, IM) wherever you are. Connected to friends and family, and connected to information. It’s not about email, the web or even about a phone call, it’s about achieving things with those tools with the minimum of effort – preferably without needing to know anything about how those tools work – and with the tools in your pocket, you can participate anywhere.

  • Andrew

    Mobile computing is the ability to complete any task with what you take with you.

  • Nitish

    Mobile computing is that applicable for the portable devices..
    if you are having laptop and wifi in it..
    you are going for some educational research then u wanna get some details for that you should be connected to internet..
    at that time you are accessing internet through your wifi network ..
    then this type of computing is known as mobile computing….

  • Shujaa

    For me , mobile computing means smart and complicated tasks that can be carried easily.

  • http://pveyes.blogspot.com Fatih

    Mobile computing means doing some computing task in a small mobile devices

  • ronald newman

    Mobile computing is a generic term describing one’s ability to use technology while moving, as opposed to portable computers, which are only practical for use while deployed in a stationary configuration.

  • http://None Gihan Senaratne

    Wat does Mobile Computing mean…
    Mobile computing is the use of technology while on the move. The ability to be away from the work environment but still be productive and connected with the people that matter to you.
    Be able to meet all the work requirements with a mobile device that keeps u in par with your office requirements.

    Be it work or play Mobile computing helps people enjoy life and its beauty while not being caged up in one location. Life is short… enjoy it with mobile computing!

  • xrgo

    Hi Edward!!
    this is my entry for this competition, i hope you like it, i enjoy making it, please excuse my english is not perfect


    I have another video but the truth is.. i made this one for another contest, but i wasn’t so lucky U__U, and i put soooooo muuuuch effort on this video that i need to share it with you, and since you didn’t say that its only one entry per person, and we cant use a video made for another contest, i want it to show it to you for this competition, its an animation i hope you like it =D


    but if its against the rules or something, my apologies just ignore it =)

    bye!! and please pick me =D!! good luck everyone!

  • Apurv

    To me mobile computing is using the functionality of a pc on mobile phone seamlessly with even more features than pc. It is just that i don’t have to use my pc again for anything , i can do all on my phone.

  • yellowman and legendaryMM

    My The nokiamobileblog.com entry for the N97 giveaway contest:


  • Adrian

    mobile computing is like haveing sex whith a compleat stranger… get all the gooddies no boundries what so ever

  • http://www.oviapplications.com Alsiladka

    I would prefer explaining my take on Mobile Computing citing scenario’s in which I use my mobile today.
    Mobile Computing to me is being able to recognize the tune / song playing in a club via Shazam, downloading it via the Music Store in 5 minutes and playing it in the car on the way back via FM Transmitter.
    Mobile Computing to me is taking pictures from the phone camera, uploading them to Facebook, Twitter for sharing it with friends, as well as being able to mail them to those family members via E-Mail.
    Mobile Computing is being able to retrieve documents from my computer via Ovi Files or being sent documents by friends / colleagues via email, reviewing / editing them on the mobile itself & sending it back. Without having to use a PC.
    These are just a few scenarios, but none too complex!

  • adrian

    @xargo/edward, I dont think that videos made for another competition are fair even if they did not won, first of all because it was made even before this competition started, and second, xargo if your video will be allowed then the video that won the previous competition would be alowed two… No offens

  • xrgo

    i understand, no problem =), ill posted just because its not against the rules, and if you look at the videos participating on this competition, everyvideo has previously posted in another competition (maybe with some modifications), so iam the only one with a new video made just for this comp… and at least iam being honest… is Edward who decide =)
    good luck everyone!

  • http://v-l-a-d.tel Vlad

    I have a desktop computer at home, a 15″ laptop and a 10″ netbook. On a usual day, the desktop is on for at least 16 hours, and at least one of the notebooks is on for at least 8 hours. Mobile computing, to me, means that I can choose not to turn any of them on for a day (or even a week or more) while still enjoying my highly connected lifestyle. Mobile computing makes staying connected less about the location, less about the device, and more about what it is you want to do or find out. Mobile computing makes being connected 24/7 truly possible, even in the remotest of areas. Mobile computing is spontaneous and allows you to be spontaneous, and, most of all, true mobile computing is something you don’t have to think about. It’s something you don’t have to prepare for, to plan in advance, to make compromises for. With the N97, it’s just there, always with you, with one single and pocketable device. You’re always just a few taps away from your friends, your social networks, the news, writing a new blog post, and so much more.

  • http://twitter.com/illusionado jade bryan jardinico

    Mobile Computing for me is putting my world in my pocket. I always do web surfing, hooking up with social networks, listening to music, emailing, capturing moments and sharing it to my friends and family. It’s awesome to have these features in one phone and just in one pocket to give you the satisfaction you need. It’s innovation that brings these stuff in one phone. Thanks to Nokia for making it, they made people connected and they made me enjoy my life =).


    my second vid.


  • asd

    when will the winner be anounce?

  • henslerbaldwin@gmail.com

    So I did quite a few of these contest so I decided to make a mashup of sorts. Thanks!

  • weebusybee

    my video response seems to have dissapeared :o( maybe a glitch on youtube so just incase it doesnt show up again here is what mobile computing means to me :o) ……

  • CraigM

    Hey, This isn’t linked on your YouTube response either. Video link entry is below.



  • http://twitter.com/illusionado jade bryan jardinico

    hey edward i made this video for your competition..exclusively for your competition =)..sorry i just have these little time, i have no better camera, no place and i myself only did this..hope u enjoy


  • corasonsalbahe

    Please accept my video in this beautifull competition:
    I was having problem with the pc and esspecialy youtube today.
    I made this video especially for this competition and I’ve worked night and day all weekend, hope you enjoyed it.
    Thank you for the chance to win such a great mobile.

  • Jordan Pereira

    Here, LolOoLz, this was fun in the making, so if I do or do not win, I’m still glad I had the opportunity to make this.


    Enjoy! :D