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Nokia N97 Available May 31st | Sooner From NokiaUSA

The Nokia N97 is the hottest Nokia Smartphone in the year, sporting almost every feature one could think of, the Nokia N97 is probably the best smartphone of the year. However, the N97 has some competitors to challenge, but what is more interesting is that its competitors could have a similar availability date than the N97. 

But the important news is that today I found on a catalog of a well respected retailer, the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) of the Nokia N97, and impressively it is a lot sooner than I expected, being just 13 days away, the magic date is May 31st!  This estimated arrival time is just for the North American market. But news don’t stop there, there are more good news for those who pre-ordered the Nokia N97 from NokiaUSA.  According to the Official Nokia Nseries Blog, the pre-ordered N97’s from NokiaUSA will ”be shipped direct to your door from the production line so you’ll have it the same day it hits the stores in your country”, meaning that those who pre-ordered the Nokia N97 from NokiaUSA could receive the Nokia N97 even sooner than May the 31st!

It is definitively a good day for Nokia and of course all the people who wanted to get the Nokia N97 as soon as possible, the great Nokia N97 could be no more than 15 days away! You can also check this post from The Nokia Blog, which had a similar finding, they found that Nokia N97 could ship June 2nd.