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Nokia N97 and Nokia’s CEO Interview | A Must See

Nokia’s CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo gave a very interesting interview at the D7 All Things Digital Conference in San Diego, California. Walt, the interviewer, asked Olli-Pekka very interesting questions that Nokia has not been able to answer very well, for example, why won’t the N97 come with a carrier to the U.S.A?  They also talked about current Nokia’s competitors and how they have changed over the years. Also there is a really cool demo of the upcoming Nokia N97, this interview is a must see. Enjoy!

Via: Nokia Experts

  • Tim B.

    You don’t want to see this phone on a U.S. carrier. They will stuff it full of non-removable bloatware and are not interested in providing the Nokia Experience to its users. They are only concerned with providing the AT&T or T-Mobile revenue creating experience.
    If you want a Nokia N Series you have to get it unlocked to get the full experience.

    • edward

      I completely agree with you, ATT fulls phones with their crapware. What Nokia needs is either reach an agreement with them to let the phone as it is, or Nokia to increase the advertising by themeselves: TV, Magazines, Newspapers etc..