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Nokia N97 Accessories | USB Desktop Cradle / Stand Review

I am generally reticent towards accessories, I used to think that the plain phone by itself could work and do its job without the need of spending more money. Well, as that was my belief, I didn’t have the opportunity to accessories for any of my devices since I really didn’t want to buy them. Fortunately, the MobileFun team who specializes in accesories for mobile phones sent me a desktop stand for my N97 to try for a couple of days. And I am totally in love with it!

The basic functionality of this desktop stand for the N97 is to mantain the N97 charged and connected to  your PC; and having the N97 nicely standing facing you, ah and having a second battery charged too. As basic as it seems, it is a marvel. I used to have my N97 laying around on my night table or desk, just over papers, notebooks and whatever is on the table. This usually resulted in having my N97 lost for a couple of minutes until I lifted some notebook and the N97 fell from it to hit the hard table, or, finding some small scratches on other devices I used to own because of the friction with the table. On my night table it was also a problem, when the alarm started to ring I had to search with just my hand without seeing for my phone, this sometimes resulted in throwing my glass of water; thats how my N93 died.

nokia n97 desktop cradle

A desktop stand really solves this problems, with it, the N97 is always in one place and that is its stand. When on my desk, I just plug the N97 into the stand and it automatically starts charging while connecting to my PC. Making syncying, installation of apps, software updating and other PC-requiered tasks just amazingly easy. But thats not all, having the phone facing me is also just great, I just place the N97 there and with the little stylus that came with it I can browse through my calendar, deleting tasks when I complete them, as well as checking incoming SMS and calls.

When on my night table, this stand also proved to be really useful. I have my N97 nicely facing me, and that is just the best way to start a day, by not throwing everything on my night table to reach my phone but easily touch its screen for it to snooze.

nokia n97 desktop stand

This specific stand comes with two adaptors, one USB for the PC and one AC for the wall. This is amazingly convenient because I can leave both adapters connected to my PC and wall, and just take the stand with me to change it from my desk to my night table; all I have to do is connect the Mini-USB to the back of the stand.

I am just in love with the desktop stand for the N97, I really did not think that an accessory could change the way I use my phone.

  • Juliet Waugh

    That ‘s a great thing about N 97.I like it’s features.My favorite is the basic functionality of this desktop stand for the N97 is to maintain the N97 charged and connected to your PC.I loved it’s desktop stand.

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