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Nokia N900: Times of S60 Are Over | Welcome Maemo

What a day! Just a few weeks before Nokia World, the major announcement from Nokia was ”semi-revealed”. The announcement is no other than the already famous Nokia N900, Rover or RX-51 that was slowly revealed by different sources over the past few days. The device is now pictured from almost every angle, as well as the user interface. But still is not known if Nokia is going to unveil the N900 during Nokia World in September 2-3 this year, although seems pretty logical.

nokia n900

But the announcement is not only important because of a new device, but because of a new strategy and revolution in Nokia’s future:  Leave S60 as the OS for Flagship phones and start using Maemo from the N900 and on; in other words, replacing S60 for Maemo.  That means a lot of things. First, it means that Nokia devices in the near future will be real computers, way more powerful than current S60 devices. It also means that future flagship devices from Nokia will run Maemo and the N97 is the last flagship running S60. Pretty amazing and game chaging!

Now the coolest part, for the moment, is that Eldar from Mobile-Review published amazing shots from the new N900 and  his opinion which by the way is very positive, a must read: Mobile-R.

Below is a picture from the back part of the N900, as you can see it says ”Designed in Finland” which is a small detail that reveals a lot, a new strategy, a new way of thinking and a new way to create and market the Nokia phones of the future.

nokia n900 designed in finland

  • ralph_geiger

    a punch in the mouth for all early adopters of the n97. I’m still getting this though…

  • Jorge

    N97 is a very capable smartphone, with plenty of power, and I prefer the small factor, it is smaller than the N900, that is a main issue for me, I hate huge phones, the n97 is just in the edge of correct size for me.

  • ralph_geiger

    well, i’ll partially agree with you but you know, if you are a power user and have spent time with the device you will know its issues(especially ram). i enjoy the 97 but can’t wait to get my hands on the new monster…

    • edward

      Mee too, I really like the N97. But once I get the N900 and more maemo device become available, I am not likely to return to S60 unless for maybe a solid device that is versatile for camping, gym and so on where complex devices like the N900 are not likely to survive. Today I am doing that with the E75 and N97.

  • ralph_geiger

    yeah, it will be a revolution. some people are hung up on the aesthetics of a device but for me is all about the power. E75 is a lovely phone-i used to want one of this. i’m using my 97 as an all-purpose phone; it even go with me to the beach but i’m trying to source n95 for that purpose. one final thing: if the v20 update does big things for the 97, i’ll consider keeping it. that’s its only hope…