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Nokia N900 Review: N900 Gets Early Review | Nokia N920?

The Nokia N900 is still a hot unreleased device, but as always, Eldar from Mobile-Review already did the full review on the Nokia N900. The video below was also released by Nokia to show how the N900 handles browsing:

The browsing abilities of the N900 are totally amazing, by far better than just anything that fits in a pocket. At the same time the hype of the N900 is growing, seems like the  Maemo 5 platform is a total success. It does look very promising and breakthrough. Here is the full N900 review my mobile-review: link.

Nokia N920?

A very curious thing on the Eldar’s review, is that he names a ”Nokia N920” that doesn’t have keyboard. The review is a bit long, but under the ”Text-Input” tab you can see that he refers to this unknown device which is a Maemo powered device and apparently lacks a keyboard. Very interesting that Nokia is planning on having multiple devices running Maemo 5 and not just the N900. Stay tuned for more news on the Maemo 5 platform and the rumor on the N920!