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Nokia N900 Portrait Mode: N900 Update To Bring Portrait Mode?

Among the most criticized things of the Nokia N900 is its inability to be used in portrait mode. The N900 currently supports only landscape mode for all functions, and only portrait for the the phone functions. Portrait mode is necessary on a mobile device. It offers a quicker and easier mode to use the device while doing other things, in other words, portrait mode allows the device to be used with just one hand: more convenient and less tedious to having to stop and use both hands to use the device.

This video of the N900 in portrait mode is just a glitch that  a N900 user found:

Hi, i somehow managed to get my n900 in portrait mode from a glitch. How weird.. lol

I probably cant recreate it again, but i just tilted the phone to launch the phone app then slide up the screen and closed the phone app.

Is well known that portrait mode will be implemented throughout the whole Maemo UI in the near future. Maemo 6 is guaranteed to support portrait mode. But now, seems like a possible software update will enable the first and last Maemo 5 device to run on portrait mode! To me, seems like portrait mode is already implemented on the N900 but Nokia is waiting for the appropriate moment to unlock it with a software update. Watch the video, and notice how portrait mode it used even in the internet browser! We hope that a software update is released shortly enabling portrait mode on the N900, stay tuned for more news on the N900!

Try to put your N900 in portrait mode and leave a comment telling us if you are able to!

Via: MaemoWorld

  • Mike

    Has anyone had any further update on when or if the N90 is going to get portrait mode, Thanks M

    • Alexander Vartzbed

      Ctrl + Fn + Shift + L … have fun .. it's useless though…

      • Music99matt

        how to turn the portrit mode off if you use ctrl+fn+shift+L… or you just turn off the n900 and then when you turn it on it’s gone?

  • steven

    currently its an unlockable feature hidden within the device you hit ctrl+shift+o and it allows you to use the internet browser in portrait mode