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Nokia N900 Next Internet Tablet in Video! | Nokia N900

The Nokia N900 has been mentioned lately a lot, some people say it will be a phone, others say it won’t. The new Nokia N900, however, must be very close to being announced since all pictures and videos are being leaked constantly! Our guess is that the N900 will be officially announced at Nokia World in Germany around September, and we also guess that it definitively won’t be a phone. Nokia always protects their own portfolio, from killing things in its own portfolio, and Nokia won’t kill the N97 with the N900, that is clear as water.

Anyway, the Nokia N900 will run Maemo 5, will have of course GPS and possible 3G but without the voice capability. Here is a video that shows the N900 in all its glory, check towards the end:


Via: Engadget Mobile