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Nokia N900: Maemo 5 And The Nokia N900 | A New Revolution

Nokia surprised me last week, first, by revealing the Nokia Booklet 3G which is an amazing gadget with amazing specs. But then it amazed me even more with the Nokia N900, a totally new beginning for the much competed leader and king of the mobile market.

The main OS from Nokia has been S60 for a long time, and although an amazing and powerful OS; it was put in doubt by newer OSs like the WEBos from Palm and the iPhone OS from Mac. Plus, the future of smartphones requiered a much more powerfuler OS than S60, an OS that can run on several devices such as MIDs and even netbooks, mobile phones as well. And Nokia is the first company to offer that, a vertical OS capable of running on multiple types of devices, allowing the company to venture into new markets, such as netbooks in this case. We don’t think that this two big announcements of the Booklet 3G and Maemo 5 at the same time are pure casuality, although we don’t dare to say that Nokia is thinking of improving even more Maemo 5 to then adapt it to netbooks. But bottom line, is, Nokia is getting it even though there were some people saying it was not, Maemo 5 is just brilliant from every point of view.

But lets talk about the new Nokia N900, the phone that stole the flagship status to the N97 faster than anyone could have imagined, the phone that is not a smartphone because is more than that, the first phone of the future! We all have to realize that the N900 is not a phone, not even a smartphone; it is a third stage. Ex: Nokia 5300 is a phone, Nokia N97 is a smartphone and the N900 is something else, a third kind of device; ”a mobile computer”, a term that was applied to many smartphones from Nokia, yet not completely filled.

So the N900 is the future, is the first device of its kind; and every other company is far behind from Nokia to launch a device even similar to the N900 runninng Maemo 5. The N900 has impresive hardware, take the N97 as a base and then add whatever you want, the N900 has it: ARM Cortex 600MHz, PowerVR SGX Graphics card,  1GB Application memory and physical keyboard, not to mention the amazing WVGA screen of 3.5” and the Mozilla based web browser compatible with latest Flash version. The N900 however has two problems in our point of view, first, the actual design of the N900 is nothing revolutionary as the OS and idea that runs behind it, and at the moment is lacking 3G band support for North, Central and South America; it was expected for a device like this to be 4band or even 5band to be compatible all over the world.

Stay tuned, Nokia World is coming in just 5 days and we are sure Nokia is going to reveal more cool stuff.