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Nokia N900 Internet Tablet Specifications Leaked! | Will be a Phone

The Nokia N97 is just around the corner, but apparently there is another device coming from Nokia this year with better specifications than the Nokia N97! And it will come from the Internet Tablet Series from Nokia, the same series of the old N800 and current Nokia N810 Internet Tablet. This old tablets were awesome mini-computers capable of doing a lot of things but calling, so yeah, they were not phones and they did not replace them, but according to MobileCrunch, the Tablet Series could get phone capabilities by the end of the year, and they run Maemo and everything!

The rumors say that Nokia is working on the Nokia N900 Internet Tablet which will be supposed to be available the 3Q of this year with T-Mobile international and T-Mobile USA, it will have better specifications than the N97 and this tablet is not like its predecessors, this time, the Nokia N900 internet tablet will come with GSM bands and WCDMA to make phone calls!  The Nokia N900 will have the following specifications:



  • GPS and Accelerometer
  • Dimensions: 59.7mmx111mmx18.2mm
  • Weight: 180g
  • 3.5″ 800×480 (WVGA) touchscreen (more than the N97, 360X640)
  • OMAP3430 500/600 Mhz processor (By far better than the processor used on the N97)
  • Bands: GSM Quad-Band 850, 900, 1800, 1900. WCDMA 900, 1700/2100, 2100 
  • 5MP Carl-Zeiss, dual LED flash, Autofocus, Sliding cover
  • 256MB physical RAM, 768MB virtual memory
  • Wi-Fi, HSPA
  • 32GB Hard Drive plus MicroSD slot for up to 48GB


  • Runs Maemo 5.
  • Multitasking
  • Internet Browser: Firefox 3, support for Flash 9.4
  • FOTA Firmware Update
  •  VOIP supported
  • Video Recording at 800×480 in AVC/H.264
  • Image tagging and geo-tagging support


We think that is *very* unlikely that Nokia would release an Internet Tablet capable of doing phone calls, besides, releasing such a device would completely kill the Nokia N97, and we know that Nokia is very aware of not doing this, note that  although the Nokia 5800 was ready before Christmas ’08, Nokia did not release it until after holidays so the 5800  would not kill the rest of the portfolio, for example, the by-then just released Nokia N85.