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Nokia N900 Free Apps: Top Free Software For N900

The Nokia N900 is the most amazing Nokia device out there, it is unique, first of its kind, and the most powerful phone running the most powerful OS in the mobile market: Maemo5. Maemo5 isn’t anything like Symbian, Symbian is a smartphone OS, while Maemo OS is something in the middle between smartphone and a desktop OS.

Lately, the iPhone has gotten a lot of attention because of all the impressive apps that are available for this device. And although I still think that so many apps are really useless, I do think that Nokia needs a solid base of free applications for Maemo, the N900, and upcoming Maemo devices. Afterall, apps are lots of fun. Luckily for us Nokia fans, Maemo is an open source OS, and the software developing possibilities are endless.

Currently there are 25 free apps for the Nokia N900, but when Maemo releases, there will be a lot more. Also, Ovi Store is coming to the N900, hopefully with more functionality and apps. In the meanwhile, here are some cool free apps for the N900:

5. Skype is really useful on a mobile device, for years now, Nokia users had to use different apps to get Skype on their devices. Now, Skype is native for the N900. Here is the link: Skype (coming soon)

skype nokia n900

4. Facebook for Nokia N900. With the new touchscreen phones from Nokia, Facebook was finally introduced to Nokia devices. It is a nice app on the N97, but again, the other app in you know what phone is better. With the N900 everything changes, the N900 is far more capable than the any other phone. Here is Facebook for the Nokia N900: Facebook


3. OMweather: A complete, free, cool weather app for the Nokia N900. OMWeather is a really cool widget for the N900, is shows 10-day forecast right on the homescreen of the Nokia N900. Pretty impressive: Omweather

nokia n900 weahter app

2. Games for Nokia N900: Bounce Evolution. If you didn’t know, N-Gage is closing definitively September next year. I have to say that I actually like the fact it will be closing, the N-Gage games on my N97 are absolutely unplayable. Horrible graphics, not to mention that a 10us game is way too expensive.

Is much better if Nokia distributes their games through the Ovi Store. Hopefully, nice graphics and maximum price of 5us. Here is a game that looks really nice, it is for the N900. It has really amazing graphs, hope more games like this come: Bounce Evolution

bounce nokia n900

1. Fring. One of my favorite apps, you open Fring and you are suddenly connected with the whole world. Twitter, Facebook, Skype (and almost any other VOIP), and multiple chat systems like MSN, GTalk, AIM and more. Fring is really impressive, here is the link: Fring

fring nokia n900

  • fmo


    Your last link to Fring point to Bounce Evolution.

    Otherwise that looks great, thanks a lot, can’t wait for my device to ship!


    • edward

      Uppss thanks for letting me know!

  • Alex

    ah great, skype for n900 but nowhere to be seen for n97 :(

    • edward

      Agree! Anyway, you can use Fring, have you tried it?

      • Risabh90

        d ovi store doesnt show fring , how to download it ???

  • Alex

    yea, fring isn’t too bad, but i’d prefer for nokia to man up a bit and let us get our hands on the “official” skype application, even if it’s a barebones build… in the states, the front camera is pretty useless atm, and i can’t seem to find any apps that would allow me to use it to video call.

  • amr

    I need to know how can i send the MMS on my mobile N900

    • arnavluppi

      download a software 'fmms' from mobile only . den u cn abl 2 send or receive mms

  • Remi

    there are solutions out there for mms on the N900. I have tried one (it was a beta). It worked. But was in a far to early stage for me bothering using it. If you google it you’ll find it :)

  • mehdi akbari

    plz softwer for n900

  • phillip hood

    does anyone know if there is software for the n900 to be abl;e to bluetooth music or is this the same as a iphone which has no bluetooth if any one knows it would be a g8 help but the phone it self is gr8

    • Maxed4901

      HI PHILLIP hood,

      originally, nokia n900 comes with an inbuilt bluetooth intergrated go to seetings and you will find it under ‘connectivity’ option..

      if not; there are 2 possibilities,
      1. you update n900 firmware to PR 1.3
      2. You run after your seller who might have sold you a fake! (sorry)

  • Ibrahim Saeid

    need software updating

  • Hululu

    Being a N900 user,i gotta say Nokia team,,plz upadate good softwares more,,

  • tom dyer

    to send files using bluetooth i have found that an app called petrovich is good and works well! still looking for the mms app tho :(

  • ayman

    there is no radio not on the net in this phone and there is no ringtone for every caller and there is no themes from internet and there is no mms and there are many problem cant find in this phone i have one but i love it just when i use net all another thing all of them not good plz help me to find all of them not found in this mobile:)

  • jai

    i’m a n900 user and i cannot send stuff in nor out of my phone via bluetooth…i tried using petrovich but i is still not working….it was working before but after i paired it with a lg phone.it stopped working…thanks for your patience..

    • abdullah

      download petrovic from app maneger

      • Asif Ahmen

        Assalam o Alaikum dear Abdullah can u tell me that how can i install NIMBUZZ in my Nokia N900? plz send me email if u know.my id is s_asifahmed84@yahoo.com

  • laura

    mmmmmm my memory card dosnt work on my nokia n900 for i am in australia and this phone has not yet come out … i cant figure out bluet tooth the theames and maemo is not istalled on my nokia n900 how do i do that and the internet n my phone keeps saying gprs not connected and i cant go on facebookk please help me anyone out there asap!!!!

    kind regards

  • nils

    I have to dissagree with the first paragraph

    I just got an n900 and im very disappointed

    I can’t download music to it via the PC suite I have downloaded some small apps and themes to my PC that I can’t install through the application installer- it says that there is no memory left to install a tiny app when i have 20+GB available

    Im used to my N95 doing it no problem

    the whole phone seems unfinished – a half assed job and im reading posts from people with the same issues saying “nokia is going to bring out a PC suite for the n900 that will work” and “OVI will be working soon” that date back to February

    I also fully charged it overnight its been on for 4 hours and the battery is nearly flat and I have only plugged in the mini USB thingo 3 times and the input socket is really loose.

    No EQ on the music player?? and no ability to edit the track names/artists in the menu

    The N95 no only had EQ but stereo widening and other cool features – What a step down

    it is almost 100% useless

    • Maxed4901

      Hi Nils, been a long time you have written so I dont know if you will check,,,but heres what you can do for the memory issue.
      1. Go to application manager while connected to internet
      2. Goto downloads and install “rootsh”
      3. after installed, close manager and restart fone.,
      4. open xterminal and type following commands with keypad open
      > sudo gainroot (click enter on the keypad)
      > apt-get clean (enter)
      > apt-get update (enter)
      > apt-get upgrade (enter)

      That should help…PM me if it doesnt through this site
      I have used it for 2 years and I have never used PC suit,,,no need realy…its too slow..my method for updating takes 2 mins while the PC suite takes 3 hours!!!!

      You may need to contact your seller to change battery.

      Currently there are more than 12 media players installable on n900 including the famous winamp, VLC, etc etc. including a player that can play lyrics as well.(like the LCG jukebox)

      let me know if you require more info

  • chroes

    laura: try update ur phone to new firmware.after plz check at settings-connectivity-internet connections

  • chroes

    format ur memory card using pc.

  • shief uddin ahmed

    I am in bangladesh. I have one Nokia N900. I can not check my phone balance, no radio. pls advise where to get upgradation software

    • Hotmale27_09

      you need to update ur device in ur app manager if it doesnt work need to download starharsh enabler from app manager downloads

    • Hateguru1982

      you need to update you device software through OVI suite.

    • Munaf khan

      u can check ur balance download the application starhash enabler .. go to the app manager u can find it..

      • Maxed4901

        manuf khan, nokia usualy sends the firmware update right to your devise when you connect it to the internet. let the applications update. also..if you dont have cheaper internet rates, then you can download the version…now its February 28, 2011 and last firmware version is PR1.3. But in this case you will need a computer/laptop and the usb cable…and it takes 3 mins max once you have all the files.!

    • Jmvahab1504

      hi..there is a software for radio u can intall that.. since n900 has fm transmiter preinstalled it is more clear than other nokia device radio…

  • alee xhah

    i dint find eni option for download….talkin abt skype…

    plx help me out…

    n from vr i get themex???dictionary,games, etc….

    • Maxed4901

      Nokia n900 comes with a set inbuilt messengers.,..you realy dont need them..out of all phones, nokia n900 has best skype video calling…
      inbuilt msngers include
      -facebook chat
      – jabber
      – SIP

      if you want more msngers, go to application manager and download “extra protocols for conversations and contacts” (not 100% sure on the name…but it shud come when you type “extra” in application manager downloads



  • Leonardo

    Even after nearly a year since N900 was launched, there’s still a no official Facebook app, similar to the one you get in S60 phone of the iPhone. The free Facebook widget you get with your device, is well…free, which means it’s totally crap. When you open it, it simply opens a web browser and asked you to login again!!

    • Grass247

      before the n900 was released it was shown that there were little tile windows that showed pictures of you friends and a green light if they were online or not also you would be able to tap any icon picture and get post from that person or IM with that person at a touch but wherer the fuck is that app?

  • Phataff

    i live in thailand and bought my n900 in uk, i cannot make any phone calls but i am receiving them and using the phone for the internet can anybody give me any tips .As you can imagine it is quite frustrating.

  • Jinuvarghese98

    I would like to know how to use wifi( free internet ) in my nokia n 900….and is it possible to put applications, games and to look maps like the way in Nokia n 95 *gb…pls give me a reply..iam using this n 900 for the last 6 mnths now….and still now iam just using it. I dnt know how to use the applications ..pls mail me …jinuvarghese98@yahoo.com

    • Maxed4901

      you want help so you mail me and i will reply bro.

      install “aircrack” from app manager…it allows you to edit wifi settings in closed and locked wifi networks. You can access them even if your boss keeps them password protected. and you can make your fone a wifi station by downloading “joiku” from app manager…

      does any one know a fone which can beat those functions?

  • Vinod

    I recommend all of u n900 users to do a little research on easy debian and its application, installations on n900. The problem with u guys is that u r not learning it. U just wants to use it as a symbian phone but believe me this phone just do wonders. Try installing flash light, horizontal calls, gps, open office and others from extras-devel a lot more are there to install. But take u r time and study it properly coz no one else can help u other than u r self. I did it alone and after that I am feeling all other phones are just toys for the kids. Great phone ever

    • Cibjo

      absolutely right Vinod!!

    • Smithwason

      u apsaltly r8 i got n900 1 b4 only its like a mini laptop. whch wb sit had better sftwre 4 dis for busns tally

  • Abhilash Dubai

    n900 useless phonee dont go for that

    • Maxed4901

      Abhilash Dubai, N900 may be cheaper than the iphone 4…yes it is not a good devise for you if you dont like to learn

  • Hanomsak sorman

    hi. i am a thai. but i stay in cambodia. i have nokia n900 for 10 days aco. i need to have a skype. how can i do. plees . but phone nokia n900 is beter den all ader phone i have be4. but baterry is not so good. i have to rechart avreyday. i have to buy anater baterry for my phone. thank all

    • Maxed4901

      Hanomsak sorman- First, go to
      >app manager
      download “CPUfreq”
      download “advance linux kernel for power users”
      download “advance linux kernel settings”
      now restart fone

      >click top bar
      >enable overclocking
      >load preset
      choose “idle” as this is the one safe kernel to run
      What just happened was..We updated your devise processor to 850Mhz from earlier 600Mhz!!!
      Now your devise will be faster..as you learn more, you can update it to 1150Mhz too
      Now for the important
      1.click top bar
      2. settings
      3. enable option “load bq27x100_battery module” (this prolongs your battery life)
      go back and enable “smart reflex”This should save lot of battery now..but if it goes above 850Mhz and if you enable ‘smart reflex’, your fone will shut down. so be careful,,,you can restart it alwas, dont fret.

  • Risabh90

    i want to use an application similar to that of nimbuzzz
    heard abt fring but how to download as it doesnt show in ovi store
    help :(

  • Peavey

    N 900 are trash. I have one and I hate it. It’s more like a kids toy. My old 6220 classis was way superior at taking pics & vids then posting them to a social network. A matter of seconds,… not HOURS!!!!!

  • Heartbeats

    not user friendly



  • Maxed4901

    you shud definitly update ur web page……it says that the n900 is an awesome phone…and that part is true. but the apps you have shown above are like from a range of 1 to 10; i would say 1. (1 being the least famous and 10 being most famous). check out the meamo.org site….and as a favour; delete your posts or update them

    in favour of vinod- I also shifted from symbian to i-phone and then to again a symbian and then finally, the amazing n900

    we have been using guided mobiles for so long that all we ever do is browse for available softwares…

    Now with the n900, u can make your games..couple of games I have on my devise at this moment is: as i rate on graphics and game play
    1. Avatar
    2. Hawx
    3. Hero of sparta
    4. Asphalt
    5. Need for speed
    6. Monopoly 3D
    7. UNO
    8. Lets golf
    9. The sims 3
    10. Scrabble
    11. BUKA
    12. Glider 2
    13. ground effect pr
    14. deer hunter
    15. Scrabble

    All palm os ported (for the less geeky- andriod/i phone apps). You can play nintendo64, Xbox, PS3 on n900…you have 2GB for installable apps and 30GB almost for your whatever files…haha…and guess what? u can partition the memory as you wish. I have an 8GB for applications and balance for my whatever files….The fone has a 600Mhz processor which is also upgradable….mine has been on 1400Mhz for the past months….its working like magic.

    Oh…guess what? I just recently installed andriod 2.2 gingerbread version on my n900…it ws beautiful..a full andriod and i can run both linux and andriod at the same time/…I think thats a lot about my fone…

    But hey…if you have better apps and games, please give me a mail on maxed4901@gmail.com and if you need any help to upgrade/tweak/modd your n900 also, drop me an e-mail and i will try to help you guys out

    ciao bella.



  • http://twitter.com/u_done u_done

    Quite a new one: U-Done Todo Manager (Lite). Available for the N900. Of course, it’s free. See it here: http://store.ovi.com/content/121065

  • Khanmerijan

    1 & only nokia N900

  • huma khan

    search in google by entering your mobile phone device name and i hope you will find it so easily