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Nokia N9 vs. Nokia Lumia 800: Speed and Lag Test

Recently, I got a little bit bored and just started playing with my Nokia N9 and Lumia 800. After holding and using both phones for a while now, I noticed that the Lumia 800 was faster, yet I couldn’t tell you why. Well, while I was bored I came up with this good (or bad) idea of flicking really quickly through lists on both phones, and effectively, you can see how the Lumia 800 running windows phone has a lot less of a lag, and is faster than the N9. For some reason, the N9 kept doing stuff I didn’t mean to do, so that will probably tell something too. Enjoy the video!

  • http://twitter.com/ahsan366 Ahsan Mahmood

    yea man n9 is slow send it to me!!!

  • http://twitter.com/_tace_ Samuli Silvius

    Thanks for this! Keep up doing comparisons. Even this theme could be continued with different types of tests. E.g. Browser and other apps.  Or comparing multitasking if those can be compared as multitasking in WP is very different?

    In this brief test it was shown that WP is doing a good job for giving all the priority for the application on front. While in N9 I assume other apps/background prosesses gets their fair piece of runtime also. It would be also nice to see if the more speedy processor, in advantage of Lumia, has anything to do with this. But we can’t as there’s not any Harmattan device with same processor available yet.

    • Anonymous

      We can, plenty of 1 Ghz WP7s. :)

  • Anonymous

    Great test, I’d like to see more comparisons with these two cousins in other areas. :)

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I will try to come up with more comparisons, although I can’t think of any right now. Suggestions?

  • Mikkokur

    The N9 seemed to be in power-saving mode since the battery were quite empty…however would it be nice with more comparisons in form of normal usage…the conditions should be fair though.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, didn’t really notice that, but just tried it again and it’s the same thing. Anyone knows if power saver makes the processor drop speed?

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  • Edwin Adrianta

    Thanks for the video. It’s a nice comparison. I think Nokia N9 still bring the Symbian trace of user experience. We tend to bump into something while flicking through the screen.
    But, I also look at your test is on such an extreme usage. Most user won’t scroll through the homescreen or browser like the way you test it.
    In general, I found Nokia N9 is slightly above Symbian Anna but there’s sometime a confusion on our fingers input.

  • Anonymous

    Comparing scroll speed isn’t helping anyone to decide what phone/OS is suitable for his particular usage

    Suggestions for tests/comparisons

    – Install & run an app from a store
    – open email, browser and twitter client and switch between them
    – upload image to twitter, facebook and some photohosting site like picasa
    – set an alarm, set an recurring alarm, modify an alarm
    – create, modify and check an appointment in the calendar
    – make a phone call/text message/IM/skype to: “favorite” person and a “normal” person in the address book. Compare methods of finding the person (search, scrolling list, contact list usage)
    – send a text message to a group of contacts
    – getting a number from sms into a new contact
    – getting a number from recent/last calls into a new contact
    – Transfer file/contact/image to another phone, pair bluetooth device
    – disable 3G connections on foreign network
    – make the phone prefer wifi connections if they are available
    – disable/enable some feeds from appearing in aggregated views, add new feed to the aggregated view

    Please note that I have limited experience with WP devices, the tasks above are the ones that I do mostly on my devices (Symbian & MeeGo) so I’m interested if for example WP has better workflows for those usage scenarios. Or maybe you have a special “good” way of doing things that I’m (or other viewers) not aware of.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe not for you, but there are certainly people interested in knowing which one is the fastest among the two. I will probably look into your suggestions and make another video. 

      • Anonymous

        I’m not arguing about the “interested” part. I just say mean that a phone scrolling slightly faster alone does not make any phone worse or better than another one. it may in case of extreme differences but we are not talking about huge differences here are we :)

        • Anonymous

          You are right, like I said, they are both great phones; I love my N9. But it’s a fact WP is faster than MeeGo, in terms of scrolling and lag.

    • Daniel.

      I agree. Addition comments to yours: my N9 is not behaving like above, maybe this N9 is not with latest update?

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