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Nokia N9 | The Simplicity of a Swipe Video

One of the most innovative ideas in the Nokia N9 is Swipe UI. The idea behind Swipe UI is to completely remove the need of buttons in touchscreen smartphones, while retaining and even improving functionality. The Nokia N9 is the first phone in the industry and the world that does not need any physical buttons for its operation: you don’t even need buttons to turn it on since you can double tap the screen to wake up. I am glad Nokia can take this spot because I am very sure Apple is going to introduce a button-less interface with iOS5 in the iPhone 5; and I don’t want to hear how they are the first to do it and how magical and revolutionary it is going to be… Anyway, here’s a really cool video featuring the Nokia N9. I can’t wait to get my hands on one. Did you hear the N9 started shipping already?