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Nokia N9 Leaked! Possible MeeGo Device and Successor Of The N900!

I have been pretty disappointed with the last Nokia devices, they simply can’t stand next to other cool smartphones available in the market. However, I have to say that Maemo is by far the most interesting mobile OS in the market, it is by far more robust than any other OS, partly because of its intrinsic Linux nature. It has been rumored that the successor of the N900 will be the N920 with a larger capacitive screen and without a QWERTY Keyboard. It is also known to run Maemo6 (Now MeeGo) because Nokia clearly stated that the N900 was the only Maemo5 device to be released. Now, where is the N900 successor? Recently, just the outline from what could be the next ”Maemo” (MeeGo) device leaked:

If you look closely at the label it reads ”64GB” which is a pretty impressive amount of memory for a mobile device. Also, the codename is ”RX-” is visible, which is used for the internet tablets while ”RM-” is used internally for smartphones. Hopefully the first MeeGo device from Nokia will be a user friendly device unlike the N900. Lets expect that is has full portrait compatibility, Ovi Navigation, OLED 3.7+ capacitive screen and a sexy metal body.

Via: MyNokiaBlog

  • caliboy99

    Happy April Fools!!

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