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Nokia N9 1.2 Update Probable Release Date is February 29th

The Nokia N9 is soon going to receive the next big update, but when exactly is that? The director of ┬áMeeGo Applications at Nokia is hinting to a release on the “extra day next month.” That means, February 29th since we are on a leap year. He further reveals that update 1.3 will become available soon after, although it’s generally a small update compared to 1.2 and no clues were given on its release date. The next big update, 1.2, will bring welcomed features such as enabling the front facing camera for video calls, iOS-style folders, and system-wide copy/paste. Nokia Connects reports that 3500 features have been added to the Nokia N9 since it first came out. It’s nice seeing Nokia support the N9 as it deserves!

via MNB

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