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Nokia N86 8Megapixel Camera Phone Doesn’t Look Nice


Nokia leaked inside the press kit a picture where the Nokia N86 with its ”glorious” 8 Megapixels appears. Innovation Newsdesk also released two pictures apparently taken by an 8 Megapixel Nokia cameraphone. The N86 looks terribly deceptive to me,  I am in fact a bit frustrated and puzzled why in the world would Nokia release their 8 Megapixel phone with the same boring form factor as the N95 and N85?  This is still all unofficial since the whole thing is a big leak, but I am 70% sure thats the 8Megapixel phone from them.   I thought they were launching something interesting like a complex N93 twister or a slider with a rotative camera like this sketch leaked ages ago. But no Nokia makes it the same boring form factor that I am now getting tired of because I dont even use the multimedia keys on my N85 or N95 8GB.  But there is more, apparently this device will only sport dual flash insted of  Xenon Flash!!!! Whatr are they thinking?!?!?


I think that the N855 should have had an 8Megapixel sensor and the N86 and impressive form factor with a 3.0” inch screen and semi-qwerty keyboard as well as some Optical Zoom and Xenon-Dual-Led flash for videos and pictures.   But well, lets wait. Maybe this N86 is just an update for the N85 and the REAL cameraphone flagship is released sometime tomorrow.



Now the N86 looks more official, MobileReview leaked the specification sheet and as I said, this device is a N85 with an 8 Megapixel camera. It does not have something innovative or new, same old specs.  I completely MAD at Nokia, I was expecting something mind blowing.


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    I agree with you. For sure the E75 and the N97 were the Nokia stars at the MWC, the N86 is disappointing.