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Nokia N85 Unboxing and Build Quality Review

The Nokia N85 is here!  But let me tell you, I was a bit doubtful about getting this device because I have read many opinions were people think the build quality of this device is very bad. I have heard that the plastic feels cheap, others say that the buttons come off and painting of the D-Pad comes off. But I decided not to listen and go ahead for it, so I bought it from Amazon and here is the unboxing video, enjoy!

When I first saw the N85 it looked very shiny, it has a black finish on the front and a copper finish on the back. The device is small which is a nice thing because is more pocketable than the N95, and also makes the user feel more comfortable when holding the device.  It adds an unlock key at the right which is also a nice thing because is easier than pressing the two selection keys on the N95.  Another difference between the N85 and the N95 is the sliding mechanism, the slider on the N95 hitted fast when opening, but on the N85 it moves slowly upwards and does not hit at the end.

After playing around with the device and having a closer look at it, I can say that the build quality of the N85 is excellent! The device feels solid and the sliding mechanism feels sturdy. The N85 is better built than the N95 and N95 8GB for sure, there is no wobble and cracks. I am impressed with thee build quality, definitively is better than I expected.


However, a problem I immediately noticed on the N85 is the D-Pad, the D-Pad is very hard to press and is not comfortable. I hope that maybe the usage will soften the D-Pad or I get used to it. But aside from this problem I really don’t see another issue. So far I think that the N85 is a great device, but stay tuned! There is a review coming!


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  • Kumbuki

    Hey Edward, i love the way you write your articles !! Great choices !! This Blog is my favorite !! Thanks for your effor

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    Wow!! Thanks mate! Keep reading, I am bringing some more interesting stuff!

  • ashish

    i would like to know the price of n86 please

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