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Nokia N85 OLED Screen | See the Difference Compared to Nokia N96 LCD Screen

When I got the Nokia N85 I was very excited to see the new AMOLED screen on it because technically the OLED screen is better than the LCD screen on most phones.   A LCD screen works with a backlight so the screen is visible, but on the OLED screen the pixel itself emits the light so no backlight is needed. The result?  A better power efficient display, with a better refresh rate and better colors closer to reality. For example the LCD screen can’t show ”true black” but the OLED screen can produce it. Basically the OLED screen shows better colors and saves more power, but on the practice which screen is better? LCD or OLED?  Here I will compare the Nokia N96 with a standard LCD screen and the Nokia N85 with the new OLED screen!

To start I thought of the 3 environments we normally use our phones, at night without lighting, indoors with normal lighting and outdoors with intense lightning. I compared  different pictures in each environment. Here is the first picture, a solid red color to compare the quality.

The difference is obvious, the N85 red at the right looks better.

Here we can see very clearly that the  N85 red looks better, brighter and vivid-er.

Under the sunlight they look pretty much the same, although the N85 looks slightly better.

With the solid red background the difference is evident, the Nokia N85 OLED screen shows a better result because the red looks deeper, warmer, clearer, more brilliant and vivid.  I was very impressed by the results, the difference is very clearly marked.  The next pic is a yellow flower.

Wow! See the difference? I really don’t know how to say it, but the N85 flower looks better, way better.

Again the N85 screen looks brighter. Remember that If you want to see a bigger image just click over it.

The difference is very little, but still the N85 shows slightly better results.

Ok, so far the N85 is beating the N96 by far, colors are not only looking brighter and overall better, they also look sharper.

Here we can see the ”true black” thing, on the N85 the black IS black, on the N96 of course is black but not as black.

Here the difference can be very well appreciated, see how generally all the colors on the N85 look stronger.

Both screens get washed out by the sun, but if you look carefully the N85 looks  again better.


I have to be honest, before I took the pictures I took screenshots.  I know, how dumb!   Screenshots look the same either if the screen is OLED or LCD, but I did discover an interesting thing. The N85 screen has also more definition, this is obviously because the N96 screen is larger and QVGA resolution is simply not enough for such a gigantic screen, but on the N85 the QVGA resolution is more than enough, take a look. Notice the tip of the small things that come out from the center the flower. The first is the N96 the second is the N85.

After looking at this pics the conclusion is obvious, the N85 does have a better screen that produces really nice colors. And I have to say that alhtough the difference in the pictures is evident, on real life the difference is still more marked than on pictures.  I really hope Nokia adds the OLED screen to every phone from now as a default.