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Nokia N8: Swype Text Input Coming Soon For The N8 (Updated)

Update: Swype for Symbian^1 devices is now officially out. Although this version is not meant for Symbian^3 devices, it does increase the probability for a Symbian^3 version, in other words, Swype for the N8 is really close to be a reality. In the meanwhile, you can download Swype for all S^1 devices here: Download

We were waiting for this one for now a long time, since Nokia invested in Swype along with Samsung actually. Swype, according to @Camb078, is coming soon for the Nokia N8. Seems like Nokia is catching up pretty quick, this technology has already been implemented in high-end Samsung devices for a while, like in the Galaxy S which I have been using. All I have to say about Swype is that is great. It takes a long time to get used to, but once you get it, going back to the old tapping just feels ridiculous. Swype is really fast, and when you know how to use it there are a lot of little tricks that can save you a long time. I am really happy to see Nokia offering different text-input methods in the N8. Note that if you don’t like Swype, you can always turn it off and use whatever other keyboard Nokia puts in the N8, or even the Swype keyboard, as you don’t have to actually ”swype” to use it.

Since the Nokia N8 sports a capacitive screen, Swype is going to be pretty easy to use. This is still a rumor, but given that Nokia invested in Swype a couple of years ago, it wouldn’t be surprising seeing Swype all over upcoming Symbian^3 devices. ¬†BTW, if you don’t know what Swype is, look at the intro below.