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Nokia N8, Release Date, Price, and Why I Am Getting One Orange N8!

The Nokia N8 appeared to be a failure even before it got officially announced, but after it’s announcement pretty much everyone realized that the N8 was all the opposite: it is probably the most exciting device that Nokia has announced in ages. I mean, from what the videos show, Symbian^3 looks pretty interesting, and the N8’s hardware could be compared to ANY device out there without a problem. Here are the five reasons why I am getting a Nokia N8:

– I love the aluminium monoblock body, the Nokia N8 is a very well built device, probably more solid than the iPhone itself. I love the design and color too; I really want to get it in Orange… I am kind of bored with the silver/black colors of every smartphone out there.

– Symbian^3 looks promising: Some new things on Symbian^3 are: threaded SMS, totally-redone E-Mail client, good looking interface with transitions up to 60fps, visual taskbar to multitask Maemo-Style, annoying S60 prompts are eliminated, and the whole redesign from S^1 is a good thing.

– I can plug an USB in it!: Probably the first phone to allow this, I can just plug any thumbdrive and USB stick to my N8, of course I will need an adapter but it comes in the box.

– 3.5” nHD OLED capacitive screen: I promised myself I wouldn’t get a phone without an AMOLED screen after using the Nexus One, the colors are so beautiful.. The resistive screens on Nokia phones were also annoying me, luckily the N8 has a solid capacitive screen.

-Fast processor: Finally a decently clocked processor at 680mHz with OpenGLS 2.0 graphics accelerator, I won’t have to wait two seconds like on my N97 to start scrolling the Apps menu.

-(Extra Point): The ”HD Superpowers” of the N8 are not on my list because I rarely take pictures, but they are a nice feature to have on vacations.

Sure, the N8 is great, but when are we getting it and how much are we paying for it? I really wanted to have the N8 for summer vacations, but looks like I won’t. The Nokia N8 release date will be somewhere between July and September, a long time from now. It is rumored that the release date for the N8 will be around  the first week of June according to the graph below (Nokia N8 from O2). However, with the ”weeks” of delay announced by Nokia, it will be probably in mid-July or even the end of July that the N8 will get released. The good thing, is that no matter where you are you will have 3G as soon as the N8 is released since it’s penta-3G bands cover the whole world pretty much. So no wait for the Nokia N8 NAM! This one works everywhere.

The price of the Nokia N8 is easier to find out. Nokia announced 370EUR, which will come down to more or less 450USD. Prices that Nokia gives in EUR almost always come down when they come to the US, plus, Amazon and Dell offer pretty good discounts. All we have to wait is for Nokia to release the N8, which they won’t rush into doing. All I can say, is: Nokia, good job! Now S^3 better be as slick as we all imagine…

  • speedywahid

    i’m eagerly waiting for Nokia N8 launching. Thanks

  • Iain

    Cannot wait to see this… hanging fire for an HTC Desire til I see this in action

  • 5ulio

    god!! I guess N8 will bring the iphones DOWN! It can read USB?! And 450$ is really not expensive!

    • Nickolazx1

      Not expensive but not cheap at the same time

  • ronak

    luks gud…..can beat iphone n bring its market down…bt can i know the launch date of n8 in us??

  • Faiza

    m just day dreaming abt it since when i saw..
    bt m reely confused.. r u ppl sure tht it’ll cost just around 370 euros with all these quality features..?? nd does any1 have the idea abt its release date nd exact price in Gulf??

    • Ed

      Yes, price is that low believe it or not! It is official, so you can be sure on that, the release date, that is unknown.

  • shobha parab

    just waiting for the release of N 8 i wonder would that be as good as iphone hope the release is soon just eagerly waiting for it

  • Alexander

    well, the price will be different after taxes will be added.

  • DeadlyShadow

    Well I Thought Of Buying Sony Idou But, When Vivaz Came I Planed To Buy That Well Now Nokia n8 Is Gonna Come, Well I Will Definitely Gonna Buy This No Matter What And By The Way I Am A Fan Of Both Nokia And Sony And About The Rest It Sucks ;)

  • anurag

    waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! till it lanches gr8 phone not so expensive grt features
    n8 plz relase it fast weant 2 use dis phone

  • Dav

    should I buy the X10 just now or wait for three months and get the N8 !???

  • Gagan

    It will be released in Sep 2010 in India and price is Rs. 21019

  • almus

    i buy this for sure….

  • Zoid

    Definitely my next N series although i still like my N82. sigh.. I want this….

  • Max

    Hey, can you tell me excatly when the nokia n8 is being launched, i am a 16 year old male, and i am wondering what color besides black and gray, should i get green, blue, or orange. I live in US, but please let me know that dates and the color. i am always into new things..

    Thanks in advance.

    • Ed

      Well,ORANGE, black, followed by gray. The N8 is due 3Q, but that is a wide range, there is nothing specific thus far.

    • Writer_GirltianaB

      Hey, So You are like the only TEEN I have noticed out of all of the Nokia N8 sites and comment's I've been on. I'm a 15 year old, female, and I need a new phone. I also live in the US, and have been searching phones up and down through the internet so I can see which one I would like the most. When the Nokia N8 came upon the screen it caught my attention and led me into wanting and Having to have more information about this amazing device. I am really interested and also wanting no other color but the Blue :). But color is your choice, and If you ever figure out any information on where to buy it at, I would REALLY appreciate it! And If I found out anything I will totally inform you, if you would like. Maybe I can give you my email so that we can keep each other posted. Good Luck to you man! -Christiana

  • max

    N8 comin out AUG 24 preorder soon online !1111

  • pete

    the nokia n8 release date is the 25th of august cant wait for it oyes

    • Guest

      Actually, its actual launch date will be on September 30, for USA

    • Guest


  • Apur

    i want a nokia n8 so bad u have no idea !!!!! i'm in honduras and i'm already trying to get my hands on one of them !!!

  • mark

    nice phone ..but do i get it when it comes out ..or wait for the N9… have heard nokia will be showing the N9 mid sept at some show in london .. i'll guess i will wait and see what the full specs of the N9 are first

  • Baltic Exposure

    I live in Finland and the N8 on the nokia website is saying 490 euros. So far official release date has not been confirmed although downtown Helsinki mobile companies said this week, it is more likely to be months away in reality as they havent finnished tweaking it. I also own a N97 and it aint fun, Sony Ericsson c902 (solid and reliable) but think the N8 hardware features are great but the processor and Symbian is a serious letdown. My next phone is a Samsung Galaxy S as it beats the pants off the iPhone 4 for many reasons and speed is much faster than N8 for general use.

  • Sahilkapoor_sahil

    plz give me n8

  • Jack_bauer_ctu

    n8 was meant to be released today, 23th september. Nokia said its going to be late til the begining of october for some adjustments

  • Sandrafordham36

    yet another delay on this phone. Nokia need to get there act together!!!!!! first july, then august ,then sept ,now oct, Will it ever be this year me no think so

  • hmn

    can i still claim my pre-ordered nokia n8 even after the release date on october 23,2010??pls answer

  • Myrnel_ababandor

    orange color is so nice..i want to buy now!!!!1

  • Richard opoku afriyie

    love it