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Nokia N8: Multitasking And USB Demonstration

While in the eternal wait for the Nokia N8, all we can do is watch at other people having fun with one. How do they have one? No idea, probably work for Nokia or something, because the N8 is still far from being released into the market. Anyway, the N8 has a couple of new and exciting things that really impress me. I mean, the hardware of the N8 is as cool as a smartphone could get, but Symbian^3 isn’t a huge improvement over the totally annoying Symbian^1. But even though Symbian^3 is nothing revolutionary, the N8 does have two features that are very welcome. The first is the visual multitasking, and the second is the ability to plug an USB, or even a phone, to the N8 without the need of a PC.

Here are two video demos showing the multitasking in the N8 and the USB on the go.