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Nokia N8 Gets Reviewed While Maemo Flagship Sinks Into Oblivion

Behold, the Nokia N8:

The time is not a happy one, one would think that the announcement of a Flagship is a moment full of awe when everyone rejoices on the amazingness of the new phone being presented. But is not the case, it is in fact, the exact opposite. @EldarMurtazin from Mobile-Review today published a mini-review of the Nokia N8: the next flagship from Nokia and the device that was supposed to be a ”major milestone” in Nokia’s own words. But the N8, is everything but a Flagship. According to Eldar, who of course has played with the N8 for a long time, says that the word ”disillusionment” is not enough to describe what the N8 produces.

The Nokia N8 is a Symbian^3 device with 12 Megapixel camera, HDMI out, 720p HD recording and a capacitive screen with multitouch. But what is wrong with that? Well, Symbian^3 is not even a ”polished” version of S60 5th Ed, it is just a ”washed” version of S60 5th Ed. That means that just a few cosmetic changes were made, and that is about it… How frustrating? Eldar even mentions that the N8 gets dust under the screen just as the Nokia X6, how frustrating is that?! Exactly what I feared happen, Symbian^3 and the N8 will be outdated by the time they come in the market….Q3, how ridiculous is that?!

But bad news don’t stop there. As I also feared, the development of the what was going to be the amazing Maemo6 flagship was halted with the whole MeeGo situation, Eldar says it ”sank into oblivion.” So the N8 is the device that is supposed to stand along devices like the Nexus One, iPhone 4G, Samsung Galaxy, HTC Desire, etc… ?? I don’t see that happening, the situation at Nokia is so bad that Eldar even questions himself if there is someone sabotaging the company from the inside, to me is a logical explanation, Nokia can’t be that retarded to perform how it is performing. Make sure to read Eldar’s review here: Mobile-Review

Update: For those excited with the 12MP cam, it is worthy to mention that the camera aperture of the N8 is exactly the same as in the N97, being the N86 with its wide-angle lens and superior aperture possibly a better cameraphone than the N8. Of course Xenon Flash does miracles in low light conditions…

  • James

    Very disappointing indeed. What is going on over at Nokia?

  • Santiago

    The ”Update” mentioning the camera situation was a coup de grĂ¢ce to the N8…

    • edward

      haha, had to search for the french term but you might be right!