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Nokia N8: Angry Birds, Email, And UI Overview | Its Fast!

I have been trying to find a video that decently shows how fast (or slow) the Nokia N8 is. This is probably the most important aspect that will decide if the N8 is a great handset, or not. Seems that this days it is all about speed, selecting something and having it open before you finished blinking. This is a problem that some Nokia phones presented in the past, they were just slow, but Nokia has made sure this doesn’t repeat with the ”generous” 680mHz processor and dedicated Graphics Accelerator together with a 256mb RAM in the N8. Here is a video overview of the Nokia N8 running some apps and changing screens immediately after being selected. I was concerned about the UI of the N8, but this video takes away half my worries, seems like the N8 will be fast! Here I also saw a pretty cool thing and is the integration between the calendar and maps app, if you notice you can long-tap and make the N8 guide you where the meeting is. And lets not forget Angry Birds for the N8! Remember we told you that Qt would open a whole new world of apps for the N8? Here is the first of them, Angry Birds will be available for download for the N8 through the Ovi Store, if you don’t know Angry Birds, just wait till you play it, it is the most amazing mobile game out there. Enjoy the video! (It is not in English)

Thanks To NMB in Spanish!

  • Jorge

    I just hope the media player is fast, because my N97 is very slow to open my music library (2 minutes to show all songs), it takes 20 seconds to start playing the song and 15 seconds to show the album art and song name and singer.

  • http://musicforemotion.com/10-angry-songs-that-represent-angry-music/ Angry Songs

    I have to agree with Jorge. I find slow speed is preventing me from using the “extra” features of smartphones.