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Nokia N8 100% Faster Than Omnia HD and 350% Faster Than N97

One of the many annoying things that the N97 has is its speed: it is just the slowest touchscreen device I have ever used. And guess what, touchscreen technology doesn’t go along with unresponsiveness, the result of both is anger, plain and simple. The Nokia N8, however, will be a different story. Of course that the processor is clocked at 600mhz, just like the N900, but on top there is a graphic accelerator chip, and the performance updates from Symbian^3. This is why is not surprising that the Nokia N8 is 350% faster than the Nokia N97! And 100% faster than the Omnia HD. That means that the Nokia N8 is twice as fast as the Omnia HD from Samsung which is already a fast device.

The video above shows the speed test performed in the Samsung and the N97, as you can see the Omnia HD did a lot better. Below you can find the screenshots from that same test ran on the Nokia N8. The speeds are measured with an app, the same test was ran on the three handsets and here is how it came out:

Nokia N97: 253

Samsung Omnia HD: 506

Nokia N8: 1019

via: FinestFones